Ltronnika – “Mission To Paradise”

 Ltronnika – “Mission To Paradise”

I woke up this morning thinking we’d start out our day with some relaxed vibes we know we can rely on via the music of Ltronnika.  One of the more curious entities out there in the music-scene right now, this will be our eighth time featuring Ltronnika’s music on our pages, which ultimately is about four more times being on our site than words I’ve ever heard from this artist in total.  Extremely rare for us to work with someone as long as we have with Ltronnika so far without even so much as a hello time after time after time, but here we are…perhaps not all mysteries are meant to be solved…and that’s okay.

As per usual, what I can tell ya about, is the music itself.  I don’t think anyone out there that’s been listening to Ltronnika would deny that Ltronnika does what Ltronnika does, pretty much perfectly.  “Mission To Paradise” is yet another shining example of this artist being locked right into the creative comfort zone and dialed right in to the overall vision for what the signature sound and audio-identity of Ltronnika truly is…certainly the patterns and tones deviate from single to single, but there’s never mistaking this project for anything else out there.  If you like one track by Ltronnika, I’d highly suspect you’d like’em all…that’s how cohesive this sound has been in the past, and continues to be even now.

Like I said…I knew what I was in the mood for when I got out of bed this morning…and after all I’ve heard & experienced from this artist’s catalog already, I knew Ltronnika wouldn’t let me down.  “Mission To Paradise” is a bit more flexible & malleable in its movement & structure; I dig that this subtle delicacy once again shows Ltronnika on top of every detail and more of this project’s adventurous & ambitious side.  Still well within the realm of comforting sound you’d expect to hear from Ltronnika by this point, but a bit more meat on the bone of “Mission To Paradise” in terms of how many different pieces of this puzzle needed to all come together to form the full picture for us.  As chilled-out as this electro-ambient project can often seem on the surface, don’t forget the extraordinary amount of hard-work & effort that goes into making an experience like this…not only are the ideas & composition always a main feature of Ltronnika’s music, but the production taking place behind the boards deserves its equal share of the credit as well.  Just like you’ll hear on “Mission To Paradise,” Ltronnika creates crystal clear & clean recordings that get the most out of the sounds being used & allows what we hear as listeners to slide right through our speakers into our readily accepting hearts & minds.  With its most vivid melody saved for the finale, listen to the way “Mission To Paradise” expands and blossoms one last time as it transitions around the three-minute mark after the series of twists & turns we’ve already experienced, and recognize the insightful way that Ltronnika continues to dole out sound that keeps us engaged.

“Mission To Paradise” is another cleverly composed cut from Ltronnika for sure.  This might be one of the most mysterious projects out there right now…but like I’ve been tellin’ ya, it’s one you can rely on.

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