Ltronnika – “Island Breeze”

 Ltronnika – “Island Breeze”

It definitely seems like Ltronnika has been up to something this year.  If my math is correct, this would be the fifth cut we’ve posted up at our pages in 2019…all songs featuring a highly cohesive sound – even the artwork is essentially the same time after time, leading us to believe that there’s likely a full album release coming sometime soon around the corner.  This is all wild speculation of course – songs come into our inbox all the time – conversation comes in about a quarter of that time by comparison; and even though we’ve been following along with Ltronnika since about May this year, I still know very little about this project or its intentions.  All I can tell ya is what I see, what I hear, and surmise a guess or two as to what’s happening behind the scenes over there in the digital world of sound Ltronnika creates.

All that being said, it’s been proven time & again that this project is creating highly enticing music to listen to – each single we’ve heard so far has always provided a gentle electro adventure that’s inviting to hear, and the latest cut “Island Breeze” is definitely no exception to that standard we’ve come to love.  While the world is filled with songs that will outright punch you in the face to get your attention, especially with the bombastic tendencies found scattered throughout the Electro circuits – Ltronnika continually chooses to go in the opposite direction, allowing mellow melodies to reign supreme in the material that’s being put out.  No objections here – I’ve always got time for that – I’ve always professed to be a melody guy, so for myself personally, I dig the calm, relaxing, comforting, and soothing sounds of what this project is up to; with the gentle acoustic-aspect that comes along with the brand-new single, it’s easy to turn a track like this up on repeat and enjoy your day.  And as I’ve pointed out already, the cohesion is audibly impressive, truly; there’s not a doubt in my mind about the fact that, if you like one cut by Ltronnika, you should pretty much like them all, or at the very least be willing to listen to a new single without hesitation…the similarities between each single release bind these tunes together for sure.  Which is again, what’s got me musing on the idea that there’s something larger at work happening here.

Smooth sailing once more, “Island Breeze” is audibly about as inoffensive as a song could potentially be.  With its gentle beat & melody guiding the way, the exquisite selection of sounds involved, and the ever-present skills of Ltronnika’s gift for assembly & structure, “Island Breeze” drifts sweetly between your lefts & rights, pulling you in through a cornucopia of notes and tones that are as engaging as they are interesting.  As the single’s title would suggest to you, there’s a chilled-out demeanor that floats along through “Island Breeze” that makes it not only highly enjoyable, but also pretty much perfect for any time of day…the kind of song you can always put on to help ease you out of your work-day and into the pure bliss of celebrating your free time.  Tunes like “Island Breeze” set the mind, body, and soul at ease, while giving your ears plenty to listen to, allowing you to fully unwind and drift into adventurous sounds on singles as delicately strong as this one is, leading you to happily discover the rest of what Ltronnika’s got in-store for ya throughout the rapidly growing catalog of songs awaiting your perusal and playlists.

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