Ltronnika – “Here Comes The Sun”

 Ltronnika – “Here Comes The Sun”

We’ve heard some really rad stuff from Ltronnika this year – and I’m stoked to announce we’ve got some more for ya here today!  One of my favorites so far in fact – “Here Comes The Sun” seriously jams!

Like many great artists & bands, songs & records out there, the real key to victory is through accessibility and finding your own way to create a hybrid sound that reaches to the borders & beyond of your genre.  With just a slight hint of a post-punk vibe threaded into the mix of the inspired movement & sound of Ltronnika’s latest single “Here Comes The Sun,” this dude comes out with a stunning WIN on a track that has even more potential to reach a wider audience than what we’ve experienced in the past from this Electro artist.  Everything about this cut works absolutely brilliantly – the pace itself is massively exciting, and the selection of sounds flying at you are bold, beautiful, and extremely enticing to listen to from beginning to end.  We’re talking hooks of all kinds – and Ltronnika keeps’em flowing at ya at all times.

I wouldn’t quite go as far as to say I’m at a complete loss for words, because I’m well familiar by now with what Ltronnika is capable of on several levels and the dude always puts out quality tunes – but I will say that, in just about every way I can think of, “Here Comes The Sun” exceeded all the high expectations I had.  The melodic flow of this single is pure perfection, tight as it gets without a moment going to waste, and stocked full of blissfully engaging sound from beginning to end.  It won’t just be me that feels that way either – YOU are gonna love this song every bit as much as I do & you can quote me on that.  “Here Comes The Sun” is loaded with radiant audio enticements – and honestly, it’s FUN too; this is the kind of single you can rely on to quickly shift the grey clouds hanging over your head, or a bad mood, into bright sunshine and nothing but good times ahead of ya for the rest of the day.

As professional as ever, but supercharged with ideas and sound that fully pull you right in to listen – Ltronnika delivers BIG TIME with this remarkable Electro jam – “Here Comes The Sun” has everything your ears are seeking out & more.  Like audible vitamins, this single puts the pep in your step – I get amped-up every time I listen to “Here Comes The Sun” and the repeat value in this song that you’ll discover, never dulls for a solitary second.  I’ll be spinning this single for a very long time to come – Ltronnika nailed this tune from the moment it started to its spectacular finish & everything you’ll hear in between.  I’m a total fan of what I’m hearing on “Here Comes The Sun” and already can’t wait to spin it again…so I WILL…I’m gonna go DO that right now – and you should join me!  Click on the latest single from Ltronnika and have a listen to “Here Comes The Sun” below!

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