Ltronnika – “One Fine Day”

 Ltronnika – “One Fine Day”

Here’s a fantastic way to start your morning – Ltronnika is here to make sure it all turns into “One Fine Day” for ya, with a perfectly smooth digital sound that has high-doses of blissfully warm vibes.  Absolutely LOVING what I hear in this single…Ltronnika has audibly rounded every corner and put an impressive amount of attention to detail into “One Fine Day,” structuring this song to deliver continual entertainment that bounces & springs from your speakers and hangs sweetly in the air surrounding you.

For real – the colorful, inviting, and comforting music on this tune will pull you right in without question; the blending of styles is extraordinary…almost like it has a Post-Punk thread in the vibes of “One Fine Day” at moments, guiding the electro-melody to a set of sincere sounds that contain genuine emotion and endless hooks at the same time.  Precision perfect and completely controlled at all times, Ltronnika expertly supplies you with reasons to listen all the way throughout this audio journey, revealing a true depth in sound & style that’s sure to connect with the people out there.  Pretty hard to argue with a song that comes out this smooth through its production & performance…”One Fine Day” is one fine cut!

LISTEN to the transitions and how fluid they are…listen to how this single glides along on a cushion of air and bold, dreamy sounds…listen to the flawless way that “One Fine Day” weaves-in & incorporates so many choices that make an impact – this is the exact kind of song that doesn’t need one word to be memorable, it’s thriving as an instrumental and certain to be a track that’ll make many playlists out there.  You KNOW you want it!  Fresh energy & uplifting sound like you’ll find in this new Ltronnika jam is universally appealing to every set of ears out there…”One Fine Day” is stellar from beginning to end.

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