Ltronnika – “Motion Emotion”

 Ltronnika – “Motion Emotion”

No surprise that one of the most active projects in electronic-music is already determined to start 2020 off with just as much effort & exciting sound as we heard from Ltronnika last year, where we featured about five different singles here at our pages from around summertime on-forward over 2019.  Back again with a brand-new sleekly designed single built on dreamy vibes & subtle beats, Ltronnika returns with “Motion Emotion,” and ventures into a highly imaginative and exploratory set of vibrant sounds.

After having experienced so many different songs from Ltronnika at this point, it’s been awesome to hear the signature style of this project develop; you can hear a true cohesion that exists between the material that’s already been released, and you can always hear a tweak or two that’s been made in between the previous time you listened and the current one.  Showing a progression and evolution that reveals the pure dedication to the craft that Ltronnika brings to its growing catalog of tunes, there’s always something decisively new for your ears to check out, and of course, “Motion Emotion” adheres to the high standard that’s been set in this project.  Sometimes it’s the melody that grabs you…sometimes it’s the sparkling production, or the fluid structures in the songwriting that provide such an impressive dose of accessible listening…there are lots of quality reasons to dig on Ltronnika for sure.

In the case of “Motion Emotion,” perhaps more than anything else, it’s the sheer amount of stunning textures you’ll find in the mix.  There’s no doubt that the quaint comfort of the main melody lines will speak to many people…that’s practically a guarantee when it comes to Ltronnika’s tunes at this point – but it’s also apparent from the crystalline combination of alluring music you’ll hear, that sound-selection itself plays the starring role in what’s bound to catch the attention of your ears on the surface of this single.  Expertly giving you everything you need to be entertained from the hooks to the melody, while also shining bright with ice-like tones and luminescent sounds that dance between the lefts & rights, “Motion Emotion” keeps the enticing elements at the core of this song flowing beautifully at all times through a structure that is equally interesting & engaging through its cornucopia of spectacular sounds.  Ltronnika is creating a catalog of adventurous, imaginative, and highly melodic songs that are certain to appeal to a wide audience of music-fans; “Motion Emotion” is another strong & gentle cut that further proves this delicate electro-experience is continuing to catch on with the people out there – listen up!

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