Ltronnika – “Drifter”

 Ltronnika – “Drifter”

Solidly chilled-out vibes from Ltronnika on the brand-new single “Drifter” – sounds like another quality tune in the catalog that people are sure to enjoy from this Electro artist.  In fact, this project has had quite the busy year so far – you might remember songs like “One Fine Day” and “Escapade” being posted up here on our pages earlier in the year, and if you have a look at the official Ltronnika channel on YouTube, you’ll find there’s a whole selection of songs that have been put out throughout 2019.

So salute to that!  You know we’ve got a ton of love for artists & bands that are invested in their music and visibly display that passion through consistent & constant material being released, every bit as much as you can hear it in a project like Ltronnika.  Much like those previous posts on our page, you’ll find there’s a professionalism that surrounds Ltronnika’s whole vibe that can’t possibly be missed – everything we’ve experienced so far has come out flawless from production to performance without a single misstep or note out of place.  “Drifter” is probably one of the more relaxed & laidback cuts from the catalog overall, but as far as the standards for Ltronnika’s music go, the bar remains set very high.  When it comes to tunes that are composed as tightly as what this project is capable of, it merely comes down to personal taste as to whether or not the people out there will dig it – and Ltronnika’s got great instincts when it comes to including accessible sounds & melodies that fascinate & captivate the mind.  Check it out for yourself & have a listen to the latest release by clicking the ol’ play button on “Drifter!”

Personally I always dig that you can hear genuine culture in the melodies created by this digital artist – and it’s clear from the compositions created that, each and every note serves a purpose within the song.  No wasted space when it comes to the music of Ltronnika – and that’s a huge advantage when it comes to songs holding up over time…you’ll always be able to revisit this artist’s released material and continue to enjoy what you’ve loved about it from the very first moment you heard it…that’s the effect of quality.  Ltronnika continues to impress with all-access singles like “Drifter” and give listeners a smooth ride into a new musical realm, with sounds filled with fantasy & explorative melodies that always stand out.  “Drifter” creates a serene, calm, and pleasant atmosphere that takes listeners on the kind of audible journey that invites everyone in to listen through a series of relaxing sounds that’ll greatly assist in leaving behind the stress of their day, and step out of their world for a moment, and into Ltronnika’s.

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