Ltronnika – “Escapade”

 Ltronnika – “Escapade”

Been really digging my experiences in listening to Ltronnika’s music this year…each of these singles I’ve experienced from “One Fine Day” at the end of May to this new one called “Escapade” here now, all seem to bring a seriously fun and vibrant freshness to the electro-genre that’s incredibly accessible.  To the point where it’s pretty tough to imagine anyone out there not liking or loving what they hear from Ltronnika…you’d practically have to be made of stone to resist just how smoothly these songs glide right through your speakers and into your ears.  “Escapade” is certainly confirmation that the colorful sound & flexible versatility that this project brings to its music was no fluke the first time around on “One Fine Day” – Ltronnika seems built on relentlessly enticing & inviting vibes.

Right from the drop you’ll find yourself loving the sweet-intensity of the piano melody-line as “Escapade” starts to make its impact on you from moment ONE.  Stocked full of bouncy electro-beats & rhythms, and crystalline sounds aplenty, this new single from Ltronnika moves & grooves quickly, while also seeming to be remarkably chill on the surface.  Credit to Ltronnika for the reason WHY that is…that’s the result of professional control and a high understanding of where this song was gonna go that it transitions so fluidly from part to part, adding & subtracting sounds in the mix along the way, and keeps the pace & precision up to perfect standards at all times.  Ya ain’t gonna find any faults here in what this project is creating…Ltronnika’s got a complete handle on its sound, 100%.

It’s certainly refreshing and energizing stuff…I always come out feeling like I’m ready to go conquer the world after jamming some Ltronnika up loud & proud – and I’d be willing to bet many of you out there will feel the exact same way.  So make sure you’re doing the right thing people – click that track up above there & get yourself into this project – you’ll be thankful you did while you’re out there cruising to songs like “Escapade” this summer.  Definitely great things brewing here in Ltronnika – these singles I’ve heard have caught the attention of my ears for sure…sparkling sound & songs designed for all-out good-times…you gotta love it!  Another solid victory of sweet electro-filled sound from Ltronnika on “Escapade” – and I’m absolutely looking forward to more in the future to follow.

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