Glenn Murawski – “Bright Spots And Silver Linings”

 Glenn Murawski – “Bright Spots And Silver Linings”

Glenn Murawski – “Bright Spots And Silver Linings” – Single Review

Fun fact for you all…the very first review I published here at sleepingbagstudios was for a duo based outta the UK known as We Steal Flyers back on June 21st of 2013…and today, I’m posting my 2500th.  On most sites, that’s pretty easy math…2500 reviews would equal 2500 paragraphs straight up…but you know that’s never been the case here.  I’ve had a lot to say about your music over these past eight years – and I’m endlessly grateful for all of you out there that have been reading along with what I write for that same amount of time.  Grateful for you all when it comes right down to it, even if this is your first time here.  I remember making that decision about a half-year into sleepingbagstudios’ history…I wasn’t even sure I was going to do reviews again after having done them for the mainstream about a decade prior and finding it completely tiresome.  Being here, among the independents, is proudly where I’ve called home for what’s been nearly nine extraordinary years of growing side-by-side, right there with YOU.  So thank-you…one & all…truly – every one of you out there reading this has in some way, shape, or form contributed to the opportunity for me to live my dreams out daily, and I’m endlessly thankful.

Some of these milestones & markers along the way have been recognized…I remember writing a review for one of my favorite records of all-time when I hit my…what was it…the 500th?  Seems so very long ago now.  I did the math not too long ago, to see if it was even humanly possible for me to hit 10000 one day, which according to my calculations, it is…I’ll be old as all hell, but I look forward to the challenge.  This whole thing has already been going for so much longer than I could have ever hoped way back when SBS wasn’t even online yet in its earliest days…so it felt like this review was important to recognize something and someone that kind of embodies the spirit of what it is I like to think we do now…inspire.  That works both ways of course…were it not for you all inspiring ME to write all these words down all the time with the incredible music you make, I’d have shut up and shriveled away a long time ago now.

Glenn Murawski is a name you’ve seen here several times I’m sure by now…heck, he was just up on our pages yesterday in a review of his single “Requiem,” and the week before that I reviewed both Alternate Versions Volume 1 & Volume 2, and I’d imagine he’ll be up here again most likely in the next week to come as well; let’s face facts, if we were playing it just by the odds, yep, chances are the 2500th review I was gonna write was gonna be on this dude’s music, considering the sheer amount he puts out there.  But it’s more than that…it always has been…all of this & what I do…it’s always been about the hope of hearing you all excel in your crafts, and seeing the inspiration take hold of your creativity in the music you put out there into the world.  There’s no one on earth that could argue against that being the case when it comes to Glenn Murawski…and I figure what better way to salute that determined spirit he’s got than by honoring the man with our 2500th spot in review, because he’s freakin’ earned it.  Pass or fail along the way, Glenn’s done a superhuman amount of work behind the scenes…to the point where I’ve literally lost count of how many times we’ve even featured him at our pages.  I’m not even kidding…I could count of course, but here’s a real fun fact for ya…I usually label our file names for album covers with Roman numerals…because that’s always been fine in the past & easy to do – but I actually got to a point where Glenn was taking me further into that than I felt I could remember accurately; I’ve written so much about this guy that I had to actually start a completely normal, numerical system to keep up.

For you see, Glenn’s been determined to win this war just as much as I have been – and I respect that.

I share a special kinship with this man…because I know deep down, he’s just as obsessed with what he does as I am with what I do.  Whether he’s making more music, or I’m writing more words – I guarantee we keep the same wonky sleep schedules…because time is a finite thing we all tend to take for granted at points along the way, and there is so very, very much to still be accomplished.  While Murawski has occasionally considered ‘slowing down’ and I’ve always openly had a little fun with that, it’s always been simply because talking to him through these reviews has been a lot like me talking to myself; I couldn’t slow down if I put all my effort into it…and I’ve known from the moment I met Glenn online here, that he was built of that same DNA.  I’ve always humored the ‘slowing down’ comments, knowing it was essentially impossible…it’s really not an option for the relentlessly creative & those that feel attached to a purpose in what they do…even the mere mention of doing something like that can actually trigger our unconscious minds to panic, take over, and INCREASE the amount of what we do – that’s the reality.  You can see the effect that’s had on Murawski this year…heck, even right here in this month of May alone…there’s no slowing down a creative mind when one discovers their purpose on this planet.  Some of its cathartic yes…some of it’s downright survival instincts kicking in…some of it’s the comfort of routine…and a lot of it is feeling that connection to the place where you truly belong, at home in a world we ourselves create.  I talked about all kinds of stuff like this in the most recent interview I did personally with inspirational author Mimi Novic…she asked me at the end of it all for some words to leave the people with at the end of it all, and “fall in love with purpose” was my instant answer.  Because trust me, when you find it, you’ll know…and you’ll never wanna stop doing whatever it is you’re doing come hell or high water.  Staying true to that, is really all that matters.

Or to quote directly from one of the songs that changed the course & direction of my entire life:  “Don’t be afraid…open your mouth to say…say what your soul sings to you.  Your mind can never change, unless you ask it to lovingly rearrange the thoughts that make you blue…the things that bring you down, will mean no harm to you; and so make your choice joy…the joy belongs to you.  And when you do, you’ll find the one you love is here – you’ll find you…the love…yeah.  Don’t be ashamed, no…to open your heart and pray…say what your soul sings to you.  So no longer pretend that you can’t feel it near…that tickle on your hand, that tingle in your ear…and ask it anything, because it loves you dear; it’s your most precious king, if only you could hear.  And when you do, you’ll find the one you need is here.  You’ll find you love you.”  That’s from Massive Attack…it’s always stuck with me…it’s about finding joy, purpose, acceptance, understanding, empathy, trusting your instincts, and embracing all of those things with everything you’ve got…because each element is truly a part of you.  Witnessing anyone blossom into the next level of their evolution is by far one of the most beautiful things any of us will ever experience in one lifetime.  I’ve been far too lucky to be able to do this many times over now with all the incredible music you’ve all made throughout the years…and as of late, it’s certainly been Murawski that’s caught my attention in this regard.  From 2018 on, since the release of his Luminous EP, it’s been like the equivalent of listening to a butterfly emerge from a cocoon more bright, bold, and beautiful than it was going in as a moth.  That’s not to say the moth don’t have its own kind of beauty to begin with – that’s simply a comment on the degree of difference between the two; Glenn’s always had something special in his music & inside him waiting for that moment…and over the years that followed, he’s tapped into it more and more.  To the point where, now barely more than three years later down the road, he’s already put out more music than most bands or artists will create in the course of their entire careers – and it’s quality stuff.  Because it means something to Glenn.  Because it comes from the heart.  Because it MATTERS to him.

None of this means he has to get everything right all the time whatsoever – in fact, none of you do.  More often than not, it’s what happens outside of those moments of instant acceptance that we learn the most about what we do, what we create, and how it translates to other people out there.  Embrace those moments where things go south…learn…respond…let those spots be the fuel to your fire, and get back in there knowing you can start a blaze of creativity & art that no one can rival…because we all can.

“Bright Spots And Silver Linings” right?  Maybe my 2500th review here has got me feeling all warm, fuzzy, and optimistic, I don’t know…I just know it’s artists like Murawski with the commitment & determination to do their thing, in their own way, that tend to inspire me most.  Art inspires art, as I like to remind ya – and it’s inspiring to BE inspiring…hopefully a few of my words have pushed Glenn further in what he does, as I know that’s certainly been the case with the effect of his music on myself personally over the years we’ve now shared.  I’ve been sitting here with his latest single on repeat while I’ve typed all these thoughts out to ya…like I’ve always said, a real review is simply a reflection of where music will take you in your mind – I could tell him what he already knows…that I completely enjoyed this song and that the more I listened to it, the more I got right into its slow & steady evolution.  The more that I felt like this song was somehow like a subtle-yet-bold & impactful representation of the journey we’ve been on in some strange cosmic way…slow & steady wins the race – ain’t that what they say?  Even if his output shows he’s cranking out tunes at warp-speed, I don’t think it’s ever been about achieving overnight success, however we might define it, at any point for either Glenn or myself – we’re the type that love the process from start to finish, and stay invested in our craft every moment our eyes are open.  “Bright Spots And Silver Linings” and its playfully curious sounds bouncing around until it begins to reveal the core strengths of its melody felt symbolic of how we’ve been willing to experiment, test the boundaries, and push our limits fearlessly into the unknown, in search of who-knows-what, but something special.  Something pure.  Something true.  Something tangible.  Something real.  Something we can hold onto.

Brick by brick, we’re both on similar timelines & building legacies that document our lives through what we do…Glenn through his music, myself through my writing…always moving forward, always learning something new, always evolving and taking time to appreciate where it all began & what it’s all become.  What it can all still be from here.  This world is filled with “Bright Spots And Silver Linings,” even on our darkest days…it took a very long time for me to see this as the truth, but I’m just happy I ever caught on.  Murawski’s making great music…he was from the get-go mind you, he’s been in the game since at least 2004 with his electro-based compositions, so by the time that Luminous EP came around and it became game time, he was ready to roll.  Each year since has shown that passion to continue to grow, right to the point where if you’re a fan you start to question how this guy ever finds a moment to sleep, or if it’s somehow possible that even when he’s sleeping, he still manages to keep recording…you never know.  He’s keeping his ideas sharp, his direction focused, and his creative routine running at the rarest of paces – and he’s got another solid addition to his catalog with “Bright Spots And Silver Linings.”  I’m loving the way it progressed, what he’s added into the atmosphere, how the song built itself up – and I absolutely loved the whole denouement thang he’s got goin’ on with this single & the piano outro it has.  A beautiful swirl of emotional sounds & sparkling dynamics all combined with crystal clarity…Glenn’s been in the zone for a while now, and tracks as tight as the two singles he’s put out most recently with “Bright Spots And Silver Linings” & “Requiem” certainly speak strongly on behalf of his focus right now.

The moral of this whole story here kids is simply this: give everything you’ve got, to everything you can, forever, and always.  The kind of passion and purpose that Glenn Murawski has discovered is exactly what we should all strive to find in our lives, however we can.  Take a page out of his playbook and let the passion of the craft consume you…or take a page out of mine as well if you like – I’m the guy that believes it should be your art that kills you.  I could think of no better way to go out one day that to beef it right in the middle of typing one final sentence…and chances are, by the time I get to whatever age that’ll be, the odds will still be in favor of it being Glenn’s music I’m writing about, even then.  There is no better candidate to represent what true inspiration and dedication can achieve & accomplish more-so than this man right here…and I’m proud to have an artist with such extraordinary commitment and this much audible integrity posted up here for my 2500th review.  Long may he ride; and long may we all.

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