Month: <span>October 2021</span>

October Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

After such an extraordinary accomplishment of managing to attract the attention of twenty whole music-fans from across the entire planet over only nine short months…it only makes sense that we’d continue to make massive strides, picking up our twenty-first subscriber within just ten months!  So uninspiring!  I cannot even begin to describe the hole this […]Read More

Heavy AmericA – “Call You Tomorrow”

Heavy AmericA – “Call You Tomorrow” – Singles Review “No it’s not okay when everyday feels like shit.”  #Preach!  #Heard I love the detail in this tune.  You listen to this new cut “Call You Tomorrow” and then try to convince me that they haven’t done all the right things in the production to make […]Read More

Polyphonic Exophilia – “夢狂い” Feat. Taku`

Polyphonic Exophilia – “夢狂い” Feat. Taku`– Music Video Post It should be no surprise to anyone out there that’s already found their way into the insatiably cool vibes and cosmic tunes coming outta Polyphonic Exophilia this year, that their music is not only played by an extraordinary plethora of collective talent, but that in adopting […]Read More

Usky610 – FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2

Usky610 – FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2 – Album Review If there’s one thing this man definitely doesn’t struggle with, it’s tellin’ ya exactly what’s on his mind, you feel me?  Every single one of Usky610’s new cuts on FLVR MUSIC Vol. 2 comes with the ol’ explicit tag – and trust me when I tell […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “An Old Familiar Tune”

Sean Shiff – “An Old Familiar Tune” – Single Review It IS “kind of like an old familiar tune” Mr. Shiff – but ultimately, I think that works well in your favor, sir. There aren’t too many folks out there I’d recommend stick with quite such a similar sound & style of writing throughout the […]Read More

Polyphonic Exophilia – Vol. 3

Polyphonic Exophilia – Vol. 3 – EP Review If you’ve been anywhere within earshot of me or my speakers here in the studio since about…oh say, August this year…you’ve definitely heard the music of Polyphonic Exophilia and a whole lot about what I’ve had to say regarding this unique Norway-based audio awesomeness.  Of all the […]Read More

Matt Westin – “Thin Blue Line”

Matt Westin – “Thin Blue Line” – Single Review A two-time recipient of the award for Male Country Artist Of The Year from the International Music And Entertainment Association you say?  As to just how these fantastic talents out there end up in our little corner of the internet over here is very much beyond […]Read More

Tedi Brunetti – “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

Tedi Brunetti – “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” – Single Review So…more or less, in real time, it went something like this… I cued up the video for Tedi Brunetti’s new single “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” – and with this being my first experience with her music, my immediate first impression inside of about twenty seconds was that […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 158

Make it Metal!  We haul out one of the sets from the underground scene of gritty Van-city – it’s Aeterna kicking all the ass at Funky Winkerbeans live from 2013 – followed by a bonus vid of This Day Burns in the studio at SBS from back in the day – tune in & turn […]Read More

Hoofgrove – “Come Down”

Hoofgrove – “Come Down” – Music Video Post I’ll tell ya this much folks, if I wasn’t already convinced by the stellar sound of Hoofgrove’s new single “Come Down,” I would have definitely been onboard by the time I got a chance to check out the video.  You regular readers know full-well just how much […]Read More