Usky610 – FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2

 Usky610 – FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2

Usky610 – FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2 – Album Review

If there’s one thing this man definitely doesn’t struggle with, it’s tellin’ ya exactly what’s on his mind, you feel me?  Every single one of Usky610’s new cuts on FLVR MUSIC Vol. 2 comes with the ol’ explicit tag – and trust me when I tell ya, it won’t take more than a single spin through the very first cut to confirm that’s justified AF.  You get the impression real damn quick that Usky610 gives no fucks about what anyone might have to say about anything he does – the man’s here to dominate his beats & bars & if you don’t like what you hear…I suspect it’s best you just move on & leave this record to the rest of us.

As in, those of us that can handle the raw, unfiltered thoughts & wild imagery in the lyricism of Usky610.

With quality scratches in the mix and seriously big-ass bass, “GG’s” fires up FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2, and it takes next to no time at all before someone out there is drinkin’ some semen.  Those that ain’t chuggin’ on Usky610’s thicc snake direct, are just as quickly gettin’ a verifiable verbal chin blast, pasted with a barrage of hard-hitting lyricism that is every bit as wild as I’ve already proven it to be here.  Givin’ you some history as to what brought him here to begin with, Usky610 relates his past as a hooper before he became a baller on the microphone, and through the performance he puts in…like damn…he confirms his future in the game is plenty real.  “There ain’t a fuck I could give you” – as he’ll tell ya on “GG’s” – the man don’t mince words, you feelin’ me?  Take the first twenty-five seconds and get yourself a breather – because after that point, Usky610 not only lets you know what he’s all about, but he puts on a clinic for how to go about gettin’ the job done right on the m-i-c.  Dude’s a perfect hybrid between real Rap and what’s happening right now in the Trap game, and he’s a one-man machine built of pure aggression and surgical precision when it comes time to record.  Don’t get it twisted & don’t get me wrong – Usky610 IS going to make you raise the eyebrows right off your damn face with just about half of what he says in terms of the explicit content throughout this entire record – but it’s equally true that what you could argue is really the main hook, is the man himself; it’s the fact that he pulls no punches, and when that red light in the studio comes on and it’s time to record, let’s be real here – this guy is more than ready.  Whether that’s the result of hard-work & effort, rehearsals & all that, or just natural talent…either way, what I’m tellin’ ya is my ears appreciate the slickness & fluidity…the swagger, the style – it’s completely because Usky610 knows his material inside & out that he’s able to pack the right power into every single syllable he spits and his words make the impact they should.  Pay attention y’all – this is how to go about making an impression that lasts – he’s set himself up perfectly with imagery & words you’ll notice 100%, combined with a performance that makes every one of’em leap outta your speakers – that’s what’s up.

This guy!  Usky610 literally sounds large enough to snatch your lunch money from ya through the sound of his music alone, never-mind what it might be like to cross his path in real life.  “Smokin’ nothing but green – no veggies” as he takes control of the second cut “Run It Up” – the man’s stackin’ bread up just as much as he’s puffin’ it down, and what else can be said – he does it in style.  Dude’s got such a naturally impressive & fluid flow to the rhythm in his rhymes – Usky610 might be slangin’ a whole lotta dick around town and on these tracks he writes, but make no mistake y’all, he hits his bars with serious precision and personality that rivals it.  Crystal clear too – ain’t no Mumble-Rap happenin’ here, that’s facts.  Believe me when I tell ya, Usky610 makes it known he’s got no inclination to hide his words from ya – he’s upfront, powerfully direct, and unafraid to get downright GRAPHIC with his descriptions.  This is that NSFW music y’all…you probably wanna strap your headphones on for this one if you’re at the office, you dig?  Obviously that narrows the audience a bit, that’s the reality – but in general, people en masse look at that shit the wrong way from the very start…no one should be out there trying to eat the whole pie when the whole thing ain’t even available, you dig?  Usky610 isn’t about to convert Country music fans all of a sudden…that’s what I’m saying…all he needs to do is what he’s doing, “Run It Up” and dominate the lane he’s in…and when it comes to Rap/Trap, all I’m hearing is green lights ahead.  Usky610 has an intense understanding of what makes lyricism work, and knows exactly how to deliver his bars with the power & precision to prove he’s got’em designed stronger than steel.  Listen to the man hit it on-beat throughout “Run It Up” will ya?  He’s out to get money on this cut, bossed up & gettin’ his mogul on…the beat hits hard but subtle & smooth at the same time – there’s a ton of finesse at work on this second cut from start to finish, flexed with the verbal excellence Usky610 brings to the mic.  He might be rude as all hell, he might not say things in a way that’ll get him played in the mall while you’re standing in line waiting to check outta there, he might not make music for your momma (though if she IS into it, definitely have her call me…) – but the point is, no matter how controversial or polarizing you might find Usky610 to be, you can’t deny the sheer skill he’s puttin’ into your speakers at full force.

“Excited” arguably shifts Usky610’s sound a bit closer to what’s happening out there right now in the hybrid world that fuses R&B with Trap/Rap – which of course, should work well in his favor.  A reference to Kevin Durant certainly checks out solidly here…though I promise I WILL have more to say about Usky610’s ball-references later on down the road on “Flvr” – he’s on the right team here on “Excited,” so we’ll leave it at that…for now.  The majority of this track ain’t really about ballin’ though – it’s about ballin’ – you followin’ me?  Lemme explain that better…you’ll get a quick basketball reference, which of course as a major fan, I’m gonna pick that up – but it’s a piece, a mere fragment of this cut – the main meat of “Excited” is about the potential of supplyin’ some D out there to those that want it.  From the texts to the DMs, the meet-up is definitely goin’ down on “Excited,” and that’s generally what you’ll find this cut is about mainly at its core.  Like much of Rap/Trap/Hip-Hop, or really any other kind of music out there under the sun, there are points where the themes all stack up clearly, and other parts where you’ll find the stylistic sound & maintaining the fluidity of the flow become more of a priority, which is normal.  You could also look at it through a larger lens – as in, yeah, it’s definitely about being “Excited” about the potential hookup, but it’s just as much about the other things Usky610’s got reasons to be “Excited” about as well, from the money pilin’ up, to the career he’s got takin’ off with his music – try and look at things from his perspective for a moment here y’all – if YOU were Usky610 right now, wouldn’t YOU be “Excited” too?  You know you would.  The man flexes versatility in his sound on this particular cut as you get further into FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2, and I’d imagine the masses out there will dig on this track right here.

GOOD LORD this dude is HUGE on “Gears Of War” – he’s got verbal boots on big enough to stomp out your entire village underneath one foot.  Absolutely killer beat on this track without question – and while that’s all well & good, let’s be real here – it’s all about how you use it right?  This is actually the shortest track on the record at a cool two minutes filled with red-hot bars – the longest track doesn’t quite reach the three-minute mark either – so you get the idea, these cuts come at you real quick and skeet all over the tweeters in your speakers without so much as a phone-call or text to say hi the next day.  As explicit as Usky610’s cuts are, and certainly remain on “Gears Of War” – the reality is, the internet is the wild fucking west when it comes to what can be put out as a single out there; at some point, you gotta choose a track off of any record to find that way to bring the people in to listen – and I’d be taking a long look at this one.  Right from the drop, “Gears Of War” makes a massive impression on us through the menacing & mischievous vibe it starts pumping out into the atmosphere – and from the moment Usky610 grips onto the mic, you’re guaranteed to be stickin’ around for every moment of this track.  Listen to the supercharged charisma and character this dude brings to his words will ya?  Again, the amount of prep he’s done, or whatever his methods are – all he’s gotta do is exactly what he’s BEEN doing, because it’s clearly leading him to undeniably spectacular results.  “Gears Of War” hits hard from the music to the microphone and demonstrates one of the most well-balanced cuts between those main strengths from start to finish – Usky610 attacks every second of these tracks; so be real – he’s crushin’ it.

Ahem.  You’re “tryin’ to ball like the Lakers” now huh?  And yet, he claims not to understand why people keep comin’ at him on “Flvr?”  I dunno man…to me, the answer’s right there in-print for ya.  I’m comin’ at you now Usky610, cause I’m ridin’ or dyin’ with Brooklyn with or without Kyrie…full allegiance to my bearded brother in James Harden, and mad respect for KD – mannnnnnnn I thought we were on the same page earlier on for a hot minute there on “Excited” beforehand, but if this is how it has to go down, then that’s what’s real – I’ll see you in the finals homie if you wanna come at us with the purple & gold yo.  LOL – I’m obviously just shit talkin’ – I’m being real, but I’m shit talkin’ – can anyone out there tell I’m just a BIT “Excited” about basketball being back right now?  The slightest reference from Usky610 on a track and here I am making it sound like that’s the whole theme & defining moment of these tunes…they’re moments in time, I assure ya…just ignore me, I’ve been three months without ball.  “Flvr” is as consistent & bulletproof as this entire lineup is if I’m being real with ya – and I maintain, beyond any moment in the music or anything he could say, the main hook is Usky610 himself, every time.  So to circle back to one of the original points in terms of not understanding why people would be coming at him – believe me, I feel that – you listen to the way this guy performs and how he hasn’t missed out on bringing the maximum potential to every word he’s spit along the way throughout this entire record so far, and it makes you scratch your head in wonder as to why anyone would step to this man on the mic.  Usky610 is fully capable of puttin’ the vast majority of emcees into retirement, if not straight into the dirt permanently – he’s lettin’ his “nuts hang” on “Flvr” and reminds the world how to get the work done & done RIGHT in the process – he’s got the X-factor on the mic, that’s not an opinion – that’s facts.  He’s proven it track after track after track, and this cut has him nailing it tight once again with hard-hitting rhymes & serious venom threaded into every word…don’t fuck with his “Flvr” homies.

“Came Thru” is an important cut to this record, and essentially, to the man’s career.  Don’t get me wrong – you get a lot of who the real Usky610 is on every one of these cuts, he reps himself consistently – but that being said, there are parts of this particular track that will have you feelin’ like you get to know the man behind the mic just that much more as well.  Sure, his wild personality is every bit as much key to understanding who Usky610 is – but you’ll hear him lay a few more details out on “Came Thru” that prove there’s much more goin’ on than mere shock-value, you feel me?  Hooks-wise, he’s got killer stuff happenin’ here…it’s kind of like a low-key & chill variation of how you hear the flow on “Don’t Say Nuthin” by The Roots works…it’s just pure style & swagger in full-effect – and I’m totally here for it.  The reality is, I suppose by comparison, “Came Thru” goes for a more mellow vibe than the other tracks you’ve heard to this point on FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2…that’s probably fair to say, but I felt like it absolutely worked in his favor and led directly to a vibe that stands out brilliantly by actually dialing it all back.  Don’t get me wrong, hearing the man hit his bars at full speed is always gonna be majorly impressive, he’s just got that natural charisma, personality, and precision that makes everything he does flawless, even at his most intense – but hearing Usky610 bring the jazzy swagger to his sound & style on “Came Thru” is genuinely something else altogether.  I’d be mighty inclined to argue this is one of the record’s best songs…and even though it’s a slower jam, I’d kinda be surprised if y’all didn’t agree with that, 100%.

Wait…what?  Did he just say what you thought he said?  Has Usky610 given you ANY reason to assume otherwise at this point on FLVR MUSIC, Vol. 2?  “Now my dick up in her throat just like a hiccup?”  I am in the wrong line of work and that’s the facts.  Usky610 is clearly living the life y’all, and has no problem at all detailin’ what that’s like for ya on “Function” – the man gets his, let’s put it that way shall we?  Just like in real life, the man makes use of every inch when it comes to his potential – “Function” is a brilliant track, and I ain’t hearing anyone out there tell me anything otherwise.  You gotta understand where I’m coming from…yes it’s true I was raised in a house that could have anything between Mozart and Nine Inch Nails playin’ on the house stereo – but as I grew up, it was artists like Ice-T & Snoop…crews like ONYX…these were the cats that caught my attention, because not only did they bring the knowledge, but they could make you laugh out loud with their genius in the process unlike any others could.  Even now, you’re just as likely to hear me jamming Lil’ Dicky on my stereo over here for the amount of humor involved every bit as much as the skill – and I think to a large degree, we gotta recognize that’s a lot of what Usky610 is working with as well.  Like every one of those artists & crews I pointed out, he takes it every bit as seriously as they did – YOU might laugh, yes – but you’d almost never even know that they’re actually in on the jokes they spit as they spit’em, you dig?  Usky610’s got that same insane level of professionalism and dry wit at work when it comes right down to it – I ain’t sayin’ he’s not 100% serious about every single word…he may very well be, like I said, he’ll spit’em at ya in a way that’ll convince you this is all based on nothing BUT real-life experience & genuine wisdom…but I think you can get from the wild vibes he’s shown us throughout this record that he’s also got a real knack for being able to construct bars with words that’ll get your attention for all the right reasons too.  “Ice on my neck like Frozen” is gonna be one of the raddest lines you’ll find on “Function” believe it or not – even among so much material that stands out – it’s moments like this where you’ll hear Usky610 bend the words to his will and make them fit the vibe exactly as he needs them to.  You can’t buy that kind of grip on the art of the rhyme – he’s got a natural wordsmith’s craftsmanship & he consistently puts it to work in-full.

Speaking of crews, Usky610 enlists the assistance of J$ & BallOutNino to finish strong on a collaborative note with “Wit Da Gang” as the record’s smooth finale.  Ain’t no doubt that Usky610 has fully proven throughout this whole album that’s he’s more than capable of stealing the show solo, but there’s also no question that he might very well be ending the album on the most accessible vibe you’ll find in the entire lineup too.  A lot of people out there will likely listen to “Wit Da Gang” and feel like they’ve found their favorite cut of the bunch, and I wouldn’t blame them for that choice whatsoever, it’s a seriously strong & single-worthy track – a guaranteed repeat-button reacher, you dig?  You’ll listen to these three flow with smooth swagger, style, and emphasis on melody…and they glide straight through this beat from start to finish like they’re all on a cushion of clouds.  Locked right into the moment, this is where you hear the real professionalism at work beyond the content – this is where you hear Usky610, J$, and BallOutNino bring “Wit Da Gang” the exact kind of vibe it needed.  What I’m saying is this…you run into artists in every aspect of the Rap game from Hip-Hop to Trap & everything in between that have their one main gear, and that’s literally ALL they can do – and in the wrong hands, a stellar beat like you find on “Wit Da Gang” could have gone completely to waste as a result.  Instead, you’ve got these explicitly smooth all-stars on the mic, that know exactly how to suit the song with what it’s calling out for – which leads them directly to an undeniable victory in every aspect of this collaboration.  Not only do they fit into the vibe perfectly, but they complement each other with the layers of personality they bring to a unified vision…yes they’re all doing something different with their own unique perspective – but the whole point I’m really making is, Usky610’s found exactly the right artists to do exactly that.  As a result, “Wit Da Gang” literally couldn’t have come out any better than it has – it’s a flawless conclusion to the man’s brand-new record, and a track that proves Usky610’s on that next-level every bit as much in a collaborative situation as he is in his dedicated solo cuts – FLVR Music, Vol. 2 is as tight as tight can be.

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