Hoofgrove – “Come Down”

 Hoofgrove – “Come Down”

Hoofgrove – “Come Down” – Music Video Post

I’ll tell ya this much folks, if I wasn’t already convinced by the stellar sound of Hoofgrove’s new single “Come Down,” I would have definitely been onboard by the time I got a chance to check out the video.  You regular readers know full-well just how much I support real combinations of music & art together, and that’s exactly what you’re in-store for here with Hoofgrove teaming up with the Katharsis Dance Company to create the visuals supporting this dreamy new tune.  Set out in the wild amongst a brilliant contrast of natural beauty & what looks like abandoned, or at least very seldom used, buildings in the background, you’ll witness all kinds of stunning scenery & passionate, expressionistic dancing combined.

Really unique, artistic, and graceful choreography on display from Katharsis Dance Company – the whole video in general is superbly well shot, and features a slick edit from Hoofgrove’s own Ari Manninen.  What I think I might even dig more than anything else is the fact that Hoofgrove is already putting in this much effort so early on into the timeline of this band’s career – “Come Down” is the second cut from the upcoming DEBUT album – as in, it has yet to be released – and Ari’s already got this project rockin’ with full-on cinematic videos?  All signs point to the kind of dedication & craft it takes to build a legacy.

Sound-wise I felt like there were a bunch of stellar comparisons you could make, from mainstream acts like The Smiths, Boxer Rebellion, or Palo Alto…to independents like what the Perren Street Parade seemed to be building towards a few years back – the ethereal/emotional combination of surrealism & melody you’ll find from what you see to what you hear in this single from Hoofgrove is truly exceptional.  I’m loving thickness of the bass-led groove, I’m very much diggin’ the mix on the vocals and the natural melody you’ll find in Ari’s vocals, and the entire vibe has a shimmering aura of authenticity to it…”Come Down” is artistically-inclined music made with surgical precision.  Strong hooks in the chorus…all-in-all, it’s smoother than smooth when it comes the fluid flow & design of this track, and Ari’s got it decked out with all the right details surrounding the main parts of “Come Down” – take a close listen to the layers, the background, and the production, and you’ll soon discover that this is an audible odyssey with a whole lot of depth & dimension to it.  Mesmerizing, hypnotic, colorful and captivating – “Come Down” is definitely the kind of atmospheric melody that will have no problem whatsoever finding an audience, be it right there in Finland where Hoofgrove is based out of, or around the world online – you can already see the effect taking hold through the 10K+ hits on the brand-new video in just three short days since it was released!  Like I was tellin’ ya – all indications point to this band having the kind of serious artistic integrity that makes the difference – you can feel the commitment to the craft in Hoofgrove’s music, every bit as much as you can see it onscreen with the professional video & hear it in the song itself.  It definitely seems like Ari’s started up a project with limitless potential that could verifiably take his music anywhere when it comes to what he’ll create – and if it’s gonna sound this great, sign me up for the ride.

Listen to music by Hoofgrove at Bandcamp here:  https://hoofgrove.bandcamp.com

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