Tedi Brunetti – “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

 Tedi Brunetti – “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

Tedi Brunetti – “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” – Single Review

So…more or less, in real time, it went something like this…

I cued up the video for Tedi Brunetti’s new single “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” – and with this being my first experience with her music, my immediate first impression inside of about twenty seconds was that she’s got style in her voice, and I was digging the personality I could see from her onscreen already.  She’s got that look about her…likely more-so for the purposes of this video & the song’s theme…but you’ll get what I mean when you see it…she’s authentic…real…down to earth.  “Stars – they’re just like us!,” as the magazines will tell ya, am I right?  Anyhow – we’re not done here.  Tedi like, orders up a coffee or something and I’m like, right on, cool enough sister, I’m still with ya…and then…THEN…about thirty-five seconds into the video, she reveals it’s been her kickin’ ass on the drums the whole time?  Wait – what?  So now my head is spinnin’ and I’m like…okay…supreme talent in the house, no doubt about it – not only is she an absolutely killer drummer, which you can see & hear clearly on “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” – but you can see in the video she’s got no problem at all holdin’ down the lead vocals while she’s playin’ as well.  I mean…you gotta love it folks – she’s got class, she’s got style, she’s got technique and that perfect smoky Jazz-style voice…Tedi Brunetti is pretty much who I aspire to be when I grow up one day.

I’m still not done, new paragraphs be damned…I only did it for dramatic effect because it was this next fact that completely sealed the deal for me.  Did you know…that RIGHT NOW…right at this VERY MOMENT – that YOU – yes YOU…could become part of the Tedi Bear Club?  I’m not even remotely kidding y’all…cue the ‘awwwwwwwwwww’ moment, because she truly deserves it – I love everything about this & about this amazing lady!  Who wouldn’t wanna sign up for the Tedi Bear Club?  You know you wanna!   Trust me when I tell ya, it’s just one of many awesome things you’ll learn about Tedi Brunetti when it comes right down to it – this lady is fantastic, straight up.  As “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” played on…I mean…it just got better & better, didn’t it?!  Tedi’s vocal highlights start to pop up in the main hooks…the drumming remains a major part of the music you’ll hear, pretty much equal billing in the starring role if you ask me, I couldn’t take my ears off of her!  When I did finally pry my ears away for a moment, I started to notice just how much excellence she was surrounded by as well in the guitars you’ll hear…and that saxophone…good lordy, that sax!  She’s not just talented, but she’s clearly surrounded by skillful musicians ready to support her as well.

I’m sure you get the idea – Tedi’s superhuman, that’s the facts…I suspect she just hides it humbly as to not make the rest of us feel too badly about our normal, regular, everyday selves…but make no mistake y’all – this fine lady can PLAY & she can SING!  I think she’s genuinely fantastic on “Eat, Sleep, Repeat.”  From the opening record scratch, to the insightfully grounded & relatable lyricism that deals with how we move through our daily routine – “humankind intertwined, a big melting pot, in a grind all together – like it or not!” as she’ll tell ya direct – to the spectacular musicianship she’s got goin’ on and playing alongside her, there’s simply nothing about this single not to love.  And lemme tell ya…as a guy that is pretty much right there on the borderline of believing in simulation theory just about every single day of his life…I appreciate where Tedi’s comin’ from on this cut…a lot of life sure feels like it’s all “Eat, Sleep, Repeat,” wouldn’t you say folks?  It’s up to each of us individually to find that spice to make it flavorful, to break through that imposed routine we often slide so comfortably into, to embrace our passions in life and LIVE IT like Tedi does, and contribute something rather than merely consume something else.

Essentially…this floating rock we’re on IS “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” – if we let it be; and you deserve more.

So take a page out of Tedi’s playbook here – and go get it.  Go out there and play and dance and treat yourself to that thing you always wanted for whatever reason you do…”Eat, Sleep, Repeat,” and get through what you gotta – but take the real advice to be had in this song’s underlying core message, which is to find your way outta the matrix whenever you can, and live your life to the absolute fullest.

“Eat, Sleep, Repeat” comes from her brand-new album Queen Of Pittsburgh – make sure to find out more about Tedi Brunetti at her official website at:  https://tedibrunetti.com

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