Month: <span>October 2021</span>

Pete Kavanagh – “Mercy”

Pete Kavanagh – “Mercy” – Single Review On the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, we gave this killer cut from Ireland-based solo-artist Pete Kavanagh a spin and told ya a little bit about what you can expect to see in the stellar black & white video he’s got supporting it – and as […]Read More

Magus – “Equilibrio”

Magus – “Equilibrio” – Music Video Post For those out you out there craving more through your Metal – check out what Magus has got goin’ on.  These dudes clearly put a lot of effort into the music they’re making, and you can hear that pay off in the wild intensity that rips through their […]Read More

Swilly – “Full Of Sin”

Swilly – “Full Of Sin” – Singles Review Hard Rock can be such a tough gig man. Ultimately, there’s a lot to appreciate about what Swilly is crankin’ out into the world, and I’ve still got love’em, even if they’re a bit on the outside of what I’d normally listen to.  I’d say you’re lookin’ […]Read More

Dave Vargo – “Fault Lines”

Dave Vargo – “Fault Lines” – Single Review Music is such an endlessly interesting & exciting topic to write about.  Here I am, thinking to myself about the imagery that a title like “Fault Lines” conjures up before I’ve even pushed play…I’m sure we’d likely think about many of the same things from earthquakes to […]Read More

Patrick Noel Russ

Official Biography Patrick Noel Russ Singer/songwriter Patrick Noel Russ has proudly crafted a lifelong career bringing pure audio joy to the masses through the lighthearted vibes of his music.  From his earliest days spent refining his talents in bands like Pladdohg and Plastic Paddy, to currently thriving alongside the local legends of the Livermore, California, […]Read More

Fratelli – “Go Back”

Fratelli – “Go Back” – Single Review Yaaaaaa – Fratelli’s on solid ground with this new single here for sure. While it’s technically the debut from this duo of brothers – they’ve been making their own music as VOFF and Ma5cot as well, so believe me when I tell ya, it’s not any kind of […]Read More

VOFF – “Bed Of Roses”

VOFF – “Bed Of Roses” – Single Review Damn!  Everything seemed like it was all going so well for VOFF until that final line hits ya…then you end up leaving “Bed Of Roses” thinking…wait…weren’t we just busy gettin’ high & livin’ the good life?  Didn’t we just “smoke a blunt and the feel the zigga-zug-zappy” […]Read More

ScarfaceJr – “Fake Love”

ScarfaceJr – “Fake Love” – Music Video Post Okay wait…I’m Canadian here, so lemme try and catch up & just see if I’ve got this straight.  Detroit’s not only got its own “Glock Club” – but it’s also got multiple color shades of hats to rep it too?  Really!?!  What a world y’all. You learn […]Read More

Jana Pochop – “Matador”

Jana Pochop – “Matador” – Single Review I would be lyin’ to ya by omission if I didn’t say I pretty much sit and wait here by my computer secretly hoping today’s the day that new music from Jana Pochop will come out – and here I am, on release day, her stunning advance single […]Read More

David Brookings – “Get Off (My Mind)” / “Hard Times”

David Brookings – “Get Off (My Mind)” / “Hard Times” – Singles Review David Brookings has been rocking strong for quite a while now, and it certainly sounds like it.  Heck – we’ve even got photo evidence of that very fact right here in this review – that promo shot you see here might be […]Read More

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