Polyphonic Exophilia – “夢狂い” Feat. Taku`

 Polyphonic Exophilia – “夢狂い” Feat. Taku`

Polyphonic Exophilia – “夢狂い” Feat. Taku`– Music Video Post

It should be no surprise to anyone out there that’s already found their way into the insatiably cool vibes and cosmic tunes coming outta Polyphonic Exophilia this year, that their music is not only played by an extraordinary plethora of collective talent, but that in adopting such methods to create their material, they’ve cracked the door open to opportunity & uniqueness in their sound in all kinds of amazing ways.  Hence you get moments like this one right here – the answer to the question that’s always been on your mind – “what if a progressive Jazz band based out of Norway enlisted a Japanese Pop singer into the mix?”  I know, I know…I’ve thought about it plenty myself – I’m thankful that PPXP and their featured guest Taku` are here to reveal exactly what that would be like, and set the record straight once & for all!

First of all – if you’ve read my reviews on Polyphonic Exophilia already this year on their Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 EPs – you know I already think the world of the music they create, and just how audibly ALIVE everything I’ve heard from them so far has been.  As IF they needed to give me ANOTHER reason to love them this year – “夢狂い” Feat. Taku` not only hits the mark of their wildly creative standards – but this single pretty much can’t help but bounce straight outta your speakers and put you in a fantastic mood.  Taku` ends up being a spectacular fit as well, and delivers even more uniqueness to the band’s catalog through his appearance on “夢狂い” – I can promise you that y’ain’t gonna hear much out there in the music scene that’s like what you’ll hear in this combination of talents right here.  According to what I’ve read, Taku` comes from a band known as Sweet Flavor Ice, and the name of the song, “夢狂い,” translates more or less to “driven mad by dreams” – and I mean…hey – it all SOUNDS like it, don’t it?  It’s some form of beautifully vibrant, sonically colorful madness, in radiantly stunning audio form, is it not?  I might not know a whole lot in this world…but I’m pretty sure I’ve just nailed what this song is like to experience.  It’s a vivid trip through psychedelically tinged Jazz/Funk – with vocals – who wouldn’t want some of that?  PPXP is so extremely gifted when it comes to creating audible odysseys unlike any other.

There is an attitude in this band that is going to lead them directly to success in multiple areas, most notably in the artistic realm, where music and the wildest of their ideas like you’ll hear on “夢狂い” meet.  The enthusiasm you’ll find in Polyphonic Exophilia is second to none, and the uplifting vibes of the free-spirited sound & creativity they possess…is contagious in all the right ways – and it’s always been my opinion that talent attracts talent, and art inspires art – just like you’ll find in this collaboration between PPXP and Taku` here, even with as much distance as there is between them on the map.  They should both be commended for looking to do more with the music they make, and coming up with such an riotously colorful track that has so much personality, charm, and fun in the mix, it’d be impossible for most out there to resist, unless they’ve got the ol’ heart of stone that is.  For the most part, I’d imagine there’s a whole lot of listeners out there far & wide across the globe that will have absolutely no problem gettin’ down with the grooves on this single as they turn it right UP where it belongs – PPXP and Taku` have created genuine art & entertainment for everyone to enjoy through their collaboration on “夢狂い.”

Video directed by Alexander McQueen, single artwork by Norwegian artist Håkon Holm Olsen – the brand-new single “夢狂い” by Polyphonic Exophilia and Taku` is out & available online everywhere now!

Find out more about Polyphonic Exophilia at their official pages below!

Homepage:  https://ppxp.no

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ppxpinsta

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PpxpTweet

Bandcamp:  https://polyphonicexophilia.bandcamp.com

Magical Multi-link:  https://linktr.ee/ppxp

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