Month: <span>July 2021</span>

Jango Fresh – “Call From God”

Jango Fresh – “Call From God” – Music Video Post I know I’d be listening to a whole lot more Reggae in this world if it was being made by Jango Fresh…that much I can tell ya for sure.  For what it’s worth, there are pages upon pages here at this very site of ours […]Read More

Paul Bibbins – The Last Perfect Performance

Paul Bibbins – The Last Perfect Performance – Album Review No better way than to help our neighbors down south celebrate their holiday today than by bringing you a man willing to grab an axe & cover the ol’ “Star Spangled Banner” for ya right?  Meet Paul Bibbins y’all – and happy 4th of July […]Read More

Nate Jacobucci – O-Bone

Nate Jacobucci – O-Bone – Album Review Nate!  Why didn’t ya just tell me you were right next door? Alright…to be fair…he probably didn’t for at least three reasons.  One being, I’ve never met the guy…so there’s that…two being the lockdown has kinda prevented moving around for quite some time anyhow, and I suppose three […]Read More

Nona Brown – “Cherish Life” Feat. Ashling Cole

Nona Brown – “Cherish Life” Feat. Ashling Cole – Single Review I tell ya Nona Brown…I appreciate ya bringing real spirit & soul into this day here – so thank-you m’lady. “Cherish Life” – that’s about as good as advice can get y’all.  #PayAttention! If you’re out there in the faith-based community and you know […]Read More

TonAsh – “Down”

Official Press Release TonAsh Is In The Middle Of Another Incredible Breakout Year In His Career – “Down” Is Out Now! Being “Down” never sounded so damn good! TonAsh has been synonymous with high-quality beats & rhymes at the forefront of the independent Rap/Trap/Hip-Hop scene and at the top spot on playlists all around the […]Read More

No Serial Killer – No Serial Killer

No Serial Killer – No Serial Killer – Singles Review/Album Sampler Alrighty…*stretch…someone remind me of what the definition of insanity is once again, and please tell me which side of the screen it actually applies to, if not both… This will be my third review on No Serial Killer within a month’s time…there has been…hmmm…lots […]Read More

Astrixion – “Six Gun” / “My Resolve”

Astrixion – “Six Gun” / “My Resolve” – Singles Review Alrighty boys…let’s get this train a-movin’ shall we? Astrixion has been kickin’ out behemoth jams ever since 2011 according to the legend online…a three-piece based out of Killeen, Texas.  We got details in the bio pointing to their first EP Breaking The Silence being released […]Read More

Sundance Jump – “Three Little Stars” Featuring W. Dire Wolff

Been about a year since we last featured the Sundance Jump crew on our pages, and you know what they say…there’s no time like the present, even when you’re diggin’ into the past.  They’re still hard at work promotin’ the 2019 album Deep Purple Sage, and according to the ol’ date stamped onto this here […]Read More

Athmossmusic – “They Come For You”

Athmossmusic – “They Come For You” – Single Review The real question you need to answer for yourself in listening to this new Athmossmusic single, is who are ‘they’ and who ‘you’ might actually be…because you might be surprised about who’s exactly coming for whom here… Don’t get me wrong…I’m simply musing out loud…I understand […]Read More

Jae Dee – “Tears Of Aggression (TEST MIX)”

Jae Dee – “Tears Of Aggression (TEST MIX)” – Single Review “In life you gotta be able to encourage & motivate – and when you make it you turn around and you lift up the next man.”  #PayAttentionThereIsWisdomInTheseWords There are pieces of this puzzle that I’m missing, but I imagine they’ll get filled in over […]Read More