Month: <span>July 2021</span>

SBS Live This Week 155

Check out the 2nd time we got to watch Vaultry rock on their 2017 tour, shortly before they disbanded – and this time around, on the complete opposite side of Canada at a sick underground show put on by Ask A Punk in Ottawa!  Stick around for a seriously grungy bonus vid from Lung Flower […]Read More

Celiane The Voice – “Inner Universe Reloaded”

Celiane The Voice – “Inner Universe Reloaded” – Single Review “Many of you that know Celiane The Voice know that I stand for love and consciousness – that means love of self, and love of others…because when you love yourself, you can love others.”  #truth #wisdom Those words came directly from the cyborg lips of […]Read More

Free Mace – “Shark Attack”

Free Mace – “Shark Attack” – Single Review “Everywhere I go, and everywhere I see, there’s another shark attack.”  #truth Interestingly enough, if you Google ‘shark attacks’ – you’ll find ‘shark attacks in Florida’ come up in the top ten results; but while you might assume these island vibes & Reggae sound of Jacksonville-based Free […]Read More

Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers – “Within You Without You”

Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers – “Within You Without You” / “Tomorrow Never Knows” – Single Review Like just about every musically-inclined childhood on this planet of ours, I was raised with a ton of The Beatles flowing throughout the household.  Being born in the 80s and growing up in the Grunge era of the […]Read More

Jordan Kootenay

Jordan Kootenay Interview SBS:  Alrighty dude…thanks for comin’ on back for another round of Q&A – let’s talk some tunes Jordan.  I suppose the logical place to start this time around, is to point out the fact that last time we talked, your brand-new record Damaged Goods was still coming just around the corner, and […]Read More

Kay Guss x Buck Hunnitz – “FRANTIKK”

“Whole lotta racks.”  #VisualProof After hearing all the unfiltered, raw, and gritty details of everything they’ve been through to get where they are today – you better believe that Kay Guss & Buck Hunnitz have earned the racks they’re flashing now!  I’m 100% stoked about what I hear in this collaboration and what I see […]Read More

Teddy Wender & Jazzmatik – “Summer Shirt”

Teddy Wender & Jazzmatik – “Summer Shirt” – Single Review You know…no matter how many songs I listen to, or however many reviews I seem to write, I still pride myself on the fact that I’m more than amazed, still to this day, by the things people will choose to write about.  Outright fascinating really […]Read More

GioGag – Singles

GioGag – U Never Know – Album Sampler/Singles Review If you’re joining us after having a listen to the latest episode of the SBS Podcast featuring GioGag’s music on it, fantastic!  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out just yet, no worries – it lives on the internet – you can check […]Read More

SBS Podcast 127

We went hard at Bandcamp Friday back in April this year – and it’s finally time to release the harvest in this latest set of our sub-series, the Proof Of Purchase specials – this one being lucky number thirteen!  We’ll be spinning all kinds of incredible music that’s new to the show this week once […]Read More


GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH – THE INTERVIEW! SBS:  Honestly, I feel like the first question I should be asking is, what the fuck?  How on earth does a person go about ending up with settling on the name GODDAMN GOTHS ON METH for their music? GGOM:  It was just a spur-of-the-moment decision. I was uploading […]Read More