Month: <span>July 2021</span>

Mojo Dingo – Mojo Dingo

Mojo Dingo – Mojo Dingo – Album Review A band on the Paper Rock Scissors label!  Well why didn’t ya say so!?!  You can always rely on the crew there to supply ya with quality tunes.  Mojo Dingo has just made their official debut on the Australian-based label, bringing a Blues/Funk-Rock dimension to the growing […]Read More

July Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

There was a moment there, a month back in June or so, where it felt like we were really surging with optimism over the lack of enthusiasm surrounding this new project of ours…yep…for a second there, it almost seemed like we might even hit a total of twenty subscribers by the time just a half-year […]Read More

Karan Patade – “Wake Up”

Yup!  Karan’s got the vibe, no doubt about it. If I’m being truthful with y’all, he had me at hello with the playfully jazzy music that starts up this song, even before his radiant vocals began; and then of course by the time you get to that point, liking or loving this song becomes a […]Read More

Scott Zosel – “Flow”

Scott Zosel – “Flow” – Single Review So many thoughts about this tune…where to start, where to start? How about this…I’ll just do my best to try & describe what I went through in listening to this tune and trying to figure out what I was gonna say, pretty much like it originally happened on […]Read More

Good Luck Valiant – The Darkness

Good Luck Valiant – The Darkness – EP Review I remember when my old man went to an editor for the first time, ready to start his writing career.  He walked in, he sat down, the dude said alright, gimme your pitch, to which my dad started out with, “you see, I’ve got this trilogy […]Read More

Belmez Faces – This Is The Dark Timeline

Belmez Faces – This Is The Dark Timeline – Album Review And here we are, just as we promised!  If you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’re ahead of the pack – we played their song “Sinister Blood” on the show, and you’ve got yourself a good idea of what […]Read More

SBS Podcast 128

We are stocked & loaded with incredible new tunes once again – it’s Proof Of Purchase! – Volume 14 on the SBS Podcast today!  Featuring cuts we purloined from the harvest on Bandcamp Friday back in May this year – it’s high time we cracked open all these treasure to share with ya.  We’ll be […]Read More

Body Drama

Official Press Release Body Drama Authentically Combines Art + Music Together As One – Out Of My Way EP Available Now! With their shared extensive experience in the arts, entertainment, and film industry, it was only natural that when the duo of John Osment (Producer/Songwriter) & Sydney Amanuel (Vocals/Lyrics) decided to make music together, that […]Read More

Pete Gustard – Battlefield Ballet

Pete Gustard – Battlefield Ballet – Album Review Well now!  That’s definitely some of the best album artwork I’ve seen…ever?  Amazing.  Provocative.  Enticing.  An image like that is as artistic as it is insightful…but really, we should expect nothing less from Pete Gustard at this point in his career, you know what I mean?  This […]Read More

Little Ghost – “Best And Brightest”

Little Ghost – “Best And Brightest” – Single Review Not only is it amazing how much time can pass in between seeing someone up on our pages sometimes, but the synchronicity of when they tend to return can be equally fascinating.  On a technical level, I suppose it’s fair to say that we haven’t had […]Read More