Nona Brown – “Cherish Life” Feat. Ashling Cole

 Nona Brown – “Cherish Life” Feat. Ashling Cole

Nona Brown – “Cherish Life” Feat. Ashling Cole – Single Review

I tell ya Nona Brown…I appreciate ya bringing real spirit & soul into this day here – so thank-you m’lady.

“Cherish Life” – that’s about as good as advice can get y’all.  #PayAttention!

If you’re out there in the faith-based community and you know your Gospel tunes, it sure sounds like there’s an incredible chance you already know her by name after all I’ve read about her achievements & accomplishments so far to-date – Nona has been on quite the ride since the beginning of her career and the recent release of her latest album, Songs From My Journal Volume 1.  She’s worked with the likes of Josh Groban…she’s been a guest vocalist for Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball…she’s sung & composed for not just one, but three national recordings of the Gospel Music Workshop of America as well – and truly the list keeps on rollin.’  Spoiler alert for those that don’t know – she’s what you’d call kind of a big deal.

Even people outside of the faith-based community, like myself, will have no problem opening their mind to such a wonderfully expressive & dedicated artist like Nona Brown, who along with Ashling Cole on this single “Cherish Life,” gives you a classic and timeless sound in the combination of their sensational talents unified together.  There are elements of Adult Contemporary, Jazz Fusion, Soul and Gospel in the mix for ya – and some of these vocals will simply knock the socks straight off your feet!  No joke – we’re talking about HUGE moments that can’t help but stand out…the highlights of “Cherish Life” will have absolutely no problem attaining & retaining your attention, believe that.  To me, the correlation between the level of faith shared by artists like Cole & Brown are directly reflected in what we hear – the reason that everything sounds so enthusiastic, passionate, and remarkably present, lively, and full of light & love is purely because that’s exactly who Nona & Ashling genuinely are as people in their devout faith, every single day.  They’re truly excited at the opportunity to spread His word loud’n’proud with full confidence at the top of their lungs, and rightly so they should be – this is what it sounds like when you run into real faith-based artists who do more than just sing about it all – Ashling and Nona LIVE it.

This is who they are, inside & out – and what a stunningly beautiful thing that is, wouldn’t you say?

Inviting, welcoming, warm, friendly, and spectacularly gorgeous – the vibes of “Cherish Life” hit the mark, that’s just facts.  From the breathtaking vocals you’ll hear in the lead, to the shimmering soul you’ll find thriving in the background, to the immaculately impressive instrumentation to be found – Nona Brown, Ashling Cole, and this entire band backing them up make this experience authentically reach out & speak to you.  It’s about appreciating the now, loving each other, and treating “every day like a special gift, delivered just for you” – beautiful sentiment, and I can only hope that the core messages you find in a song like this resonates with each and every one of you listening around the world, whether you’re religious, or not.  “Cherish Life” is about being thankful for what’s really important in this life we’re all living & this planet we’re sharing together – I’m not particular about who it is you wanna choose to give your thanks to, but just like Nona & Ashling do here, at least acknowledge the greatness that surrounds you every day, you feel me?  Not too many other ways to look at this single from Nona’s upcoming record – the official sequel to the last, with Songs From My Journal Volume 2 coming soon – “Cherish Life” beams out light & love with spellbinding levels of radiant personality, and in the process of proclaiming their faith & devout dedication to the Lord above, there’s no question that they keep us entertained & right onto the edge of our seat, listening to every amazing note being sung.  All of what you’ll hear on “Cherish Life” from the music to the microphone reveals an astounding degree of professionalism and undeniable passion that can’t help but reach everyone on some level out there.

Take inventory of everything that’s good around you” – “Cherish Life” y’all – Nona Brown gets it, Ashling Cole gets it – they’ve done an exceptional job of expressing their gratitude in profound ways that’ll touch your heart, and have you turning this sparkling collaborative single up at the same time.

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