Month: <span>July 2021</span>

Datastar – Singles

Datastar – Singles Review I mean…y’ain’t gonna find me complaining about any of this, that’s for sure. Datastar is like my spirit animal in digital form.  I’ve got a whole selection of cuts from what appears to trace back to the roots of this project’s beginnings…which I believe trace back roughly to around 2018 if […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 154

New old set outta the vault for ya!  Check out Lung Flower in their return to The Railway Club 2014, and stick around for the encore cut from the Scissortooth set at The Backstage Lounge featuring Gyrus on this episode of SBSLTW! Find out what we do at sleepingbagstudios, and be the next to be […]Read More

Elu$ive – “Life Is Priceless” / “My Descent”

Elu$ive – “Life Is Priceless” / “My Descent” – Singles Review Only seventeen years old?  Bro.  You got this. Elu$ive’s got the skills it takes, there’s no doubt about that.  A quick spin through both these singles would confirm that to anyone out there listening…he might be young & just gettin’ this whole music thang […]Read More

Made By Engineer – Hip Hop Trap Beats Vol. 1

It was about three weeks or so, back in June this year, that we stumbled onto the creative pages of Made By Engineer and introduced you to the man’s altruistic pursuit of putting knowledge & new tools into the hands of artists out there in our world today.  Of course, you gotta lead the way […]Read More

Niels H – Orange Purple Skies

Niels H – Orange Purple Skies – Album Review Some dudes were just born to rock – it still doesn’t mean it just happens overnight. As legend has it, Niels H joined his first band back when he was nineteen…which by some measures, including his own, could certainly be considered to be a late start […]Read More

SBS Podcast 126

Long awaited & highly anticipated – Proof Of Purchase Vol. 12 is out now!  We’ll be playing cuts from records we picked up from the March sale on Bandcamp Friday to support the independent music-scene earlier this year, including tunes from Thelonesomekid, elitefitrea, Proud And Nasty with ArMani Jones, Todd Underwood, BROCK, MPG, d i […]Read More

Jonathan DesVerney – “You” Feat. C3

Absolutely stellar stuff from Jonathan DesVerney & C3 combined here on the brand-new single “You” – if you tuned in to the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’d have heard me talking all about the devout pursuits of the man behind the music and his faith-based leadership.  As promised, we’re back here on […]Read More

Steven Faulkner – “Call Home”

Steven Faulkner – “Call Home” – Single Review I kind of had to smile a bit when I was reading the notes & whatnot I’ve got scattered across my desk here that came along with Steven Faulkner’s latest single…I had that moment of realization…that feeling of genuine gratitude towards the many amazing characters out there […]Read More

Kevin Riady – “Marco”

Kevin Riady – “Marco” – Single Review “This is for everyone who feels the same way as me.” I would imagine…after having a listen to solo-artist Kevin Riady’s latest single “Marco” myself…that there will be more than a few people out there with great things to say about his brand-new tune.  He’s been putting out […]Read More

Hooli Auto

Official Press Release Hooli Auto Releases A Career-Defining Record This Year In 2021 – The Light In The Darkness – Oct. 15th! For three decades-plus, Hooli Auto has established himself in the bedrock of the underground, building his legacy with bulletproof bars & undeniable hooks – in October this year, the Hayward, CA/Las Vegas-based mogul […]Read More