SBS Podcast 126

 SBS Podcast 126

Long awaited & highly anticipated – Proof Of Purchase Vol. 12 is out now!  We’ll be playing cuts from records we picked up from the March sale on Bandcamp Friday to support the independent music-scene earlier this year, including tunes from Thelonesomekid, elitefitrea, Proud And Nasty with ArMani Jones, Todd Underwood, BROCK, MPG, d i z m a t i o n, and CLIFFDIVER – we’ll also be hitting up double-shots from Chef The Chef and Hochen on this episode, and taking a time out to talk about what’s happening with the music of Niels H!  Tons of reasons to tune in & turn up for this episode – so do it!


Your official show lineup includes:


Chef The Chef – “IHATEME” / “howitgo (risky biz)”

Proud And Nasty & ArMani Jones – “Bottled Emotions”

MPG – “Lull”

Todd Underwood – “Wishing You The Best”

Thelonesomekid – “The Walking Pencil”

CLIFFDIVER – “Cameron Diaz”

d i z m a t i o n – “Still”

Niels H – “Say My Name”

Hochen – “Out In The Wild” / “Bugs”

elitefitrea – “Arriving On The Shores Of Hell”

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