Made By Engineer – Hip Hop Trap Beats Vol. 1

 Made By Engineer – Hip Hop Trap Beats Vol. 1

It was about three weeks or so, back in June this year, that we stumbled onto the creative pages of Made By Engineer and introduced you to the man’s altruistic pursuit of putting knowledge & new tools into the hands of artists out there in our world today.  Of course, you gotta lead the way by example – right?  Well that’s what this man does!  Hence we’ve got this shiny new collective of sound to go along with a visual sample of what Made By Engineer is capable of with a couple of clicks of his cleverness – you can find Hip Hop Trap Beats Vol. 1 out there online now – and better yet, you can find it right here below all these words I’m writing out here for ya!

A genuine leader out there in the field of creativity & empowering the future all-stars of tomorrow with the tools they need to thrive & succeed, Made By Engineer proves that even with a simple animation supporting your music, the experience becomes that much more effective, engaging, and immersive.  The people out there want at least a lil’ something to look at beyond just some artwork, and having the imagery onscreen come alive, or graffiti-style your own logo onto a wall like Made By Engineer creates to support the music on Hip Hop Trap Beats Vol. 1 – I mean…this kind of stuff is truly essential in today’s world & how people absorb their music both visually & audibly through the online realm.  This dude uses 3D printing & digital technology in remarkably smart ways to make the magic happen onscreen for ya – and you can find out more about that through the tutorial/walk-through he’s posted along with Hip Hop Trap Beats Vol. 1 out there on his channel as well.  He’s a true pupil of the arts with a desire to never stop learning – and the best part is, he’s always willing to share what he’s learned with each & every one of YOU out there.

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