Kevin Riady – “Marco”

 Kevin Riady – “Marco”

Kevin Riady – “Marco” – Single Review

This is for everyone who feels the same way as me.

I would imagine…after having a listen to solo-artist Kevin Riady’s latest single “Marco” myself…that there will be more than a few people out there with great things to say about his brand-new tune.  He’s been putting out some fantastic material this year as he makes his way towards his official debut EP coming out in 2021, including his singles “Home” from January, and more recently, the incredible cut he released back in April called “Not A Love Song.”  If you’re internet-savvy & know where to look, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a few other tracks here & there from about the past six years or so – but it’s clear that Kevin’s been making a dedicated effort in 2021 to really make that serious push with his music.  While I can’t confirm that this decision would be making the best use of his degree in Human Factors Engineering…I also can’t confirm that it’s not…because all I can really confirm for sure is that I have absolutely no idea what Human Factors Engineering would even be about.  Sadly, I only know anything about one thing – music – and so here I am, instantly running back quickly to stay in my lane…

Here’s what I can tell you.  To me, it’s no accident that when you listen to a track like “Marco,” that you feel the special connection Kevin has to the music he’s making…that’s a genuine reflection of his passion for the craft and his commitment to the songs he writes when it comes time to perform.  The reason why we get that tingle down our spine, even when it’s relatively just a dude & his acoustic keeping us entertained, is because of the authenticity you’ll find in Riady’s vocals & music combined.  There is more to it all than just that of course…there’s excellent backing vocals & percussion as well etc. – but as I’ve said here many times I’m sure throughout the years – great music is quite often like the best recipes we enjoy…the ingredients don’t need to be complicated, we just wanna get to the real flavor.  Kevin’s got that down tight…all he needs is his voice, a guitar, and the perspective he’s got on life & love…and while these ingredients may diversify further over the years to follow – he proves he needs precious little to draw the real magic of music out of him…and I’d suspect that’s because it’s been suppressed for far too long.  It is awesome to see an artist out there in our world like Kevin that is finding their way to the place they have always been meant to be; I hear a ton of potential for how far his music could travel this year.

But perhaps more importantly, I can hear the potential for who this song can/will reach.  Sure – I get it – maybe it IS specifically penned & written for one dude named “Marco”…fundamentally at its core, that’s fair to say – but this single does reach a whole lot deeper & speak on behalf of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that many across the world have felt, kept bottled up inside, and don’t know quite how to go about getting them out.  If you’ve ever felt like that before in your life, and I’m sure many of you have – this song is for you.  “Marco” is all about the innocence of love & how even when we’re close together, we can still be miles away in so many other aspects…it’s about the trepidation of taking those first steps and expressing that love & what the reaction might be…and it’s about knowing that risk is always worth it.  The pursuit of love in this world…as far as I could tell ya…should always be the paramount goal for each & every one of us – beyond that, I don’t know what else there really is.  For some it comes naturally – and for others, presumably Kevin based on what you’ll hear in the lyricism & emotion in his words & melody flowing throughout “Marco,” there might be other factors & obstacles that get in the way of his feelings – and in this respect, there are countless many of you out there that can relate to what he’s singing about & what you’ll find in the humble & sweet video he’s got supporting his brand-new song.  You can put these pieces together without being a detective, I promise ya – from the theme of the video, to the rainbow icon that appears beside the quote I pulled for you up top, to the name of the title itself – Kevin’s written a heartfelt song in “Marco” and made a video that speaks strongly on behalf of LGTBQ struggles when it comes to finding love and simply expressing feelings out in the open.  He’s got a beautiful song on his hands here, and a highly relatable one at that, loaded with accessible sound and endearing melody that you can absolutely feel…an exquisite main hook to fuel the heart of the chorus, stunning imagery in his lyricism, and sincerity in his voice that makes every moment real for us, as listeners.  “I’ve been wondering ‘bout how do I get you to talk like when we used to be…I’ve been wondering ‘bout how do I get you to rest and stay a while with me” is brilliantly memorable, gorgeous, and perfectly realized…it’s a hook that’s every bit as catchy & unique as it is genuine & entirely sincere.  And you can tell, specifically because of how natural this song sounds in Kevin’s performance…this is the sound of music that comes straight outta the soul, organic & pure, unfiltered, humble & insightfully real.

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