Elu$ive – “Life Is Priceless” / “My Descent”

 Elu$ive – “Life Is Priceless” / “My Descent”

Elu$ive – “Life Is Priceless” / “My Descent” – Singles Review

Only seventeen years old?  Bro.  You got this.

Elu$ive’s got the skills it takes, there’s no doubt about that.  A quick spin through both these singles would confirm that to anyone out there listening…he might be young & just gettin’ this whole music thang started up, but there’s no question about whether or not the guy has the capability to grip the m-i-c with confidence, you can hear he’s got the verbal slickness & swagger required to make in impact on the people out there & build that all-important following.  Is there room for him to evolve & grow as an artist still?  Sure!  You bet!  Anyone at this stage of the game this early on into their career would, and of course any artist should want that to be the case as well – but I guarantee you’ll be more than pleased with how strong Elu$ive is starting off straight outta the gate.  In fact…I’d advise this dude on very little when it comes right down to it…he’s what…five singles deep online at this point?  Strikes me that it’s probably best to let his own authenticity & creativity flourish naturally before anyone out there starts thinking it’s a good idea to go & recommend changing anything & everything up.  Aside from perhaps an extra syllable here & there or another one maybe needed to smooth out the fluidity of his flow just that tiny percentage more than it already is…perhaps…maybe…but honestly, there’s not too much else I could tell Elu$ive that’s gonna make him that much better by any stretch of the imagination.  Time & experience strengthen us all, that’s just the reality of doing what you love with real dedication & commitment over years & years; and like I said from the start – he’s got this, 100%.  Essentially, if this is where it all begins, and he keeps this up, he’s got a solid future and career up ahead for certain.

“Life Is Priceless” would technically be the second cut of his series of releases this year if I’m reading this timeline correctly here.  Dig the chilled out beat, dig the energy that Elu$ive brings to the mic and he’s got a steady & reliable rhythm & flow that keeps the words moving precisely and on-point when it comes to using the dynamics of the music.  Is there room for a little more here?  Sure.  Ultimately, the main hooks of what you’ll find on “Life Is Priceless” would either come down the vibe you’ll hear in the music produced by eeryskies, or Elu$ive himself overall in the way he performs – you dig?  He’s working within a conscious Hip-Hop style of framework when it comes to the particular style of this single…and call me crazy, but that’s a specific genre that’s well-known to trade in easy, flashy & accessible hooks for a bit of something more substantial in sound.  So even though a track like “Life Is Priceless” might be missing that one real defining aspect of what might be memorable or bring you back to it, don’t get it twisted – you’ll enjoy the entire length of what you’re listening to, because the consistency & quality are both right in-line at all times.  But to give you, and Elu$ive a direct example of what I mean by comparison – look/listen no further than just a click over to the debut cut he released called “I Don’t Wanna Love Again” which was also produced by eeryskies a couple months back in 2021 here – that’s a perfect example of how to find that balance between the realm of accessibility & artistry as well as can be done.  I ain’t gonna dive deep into this, because I’ve got these other cuts to talk about here – but the bottom line is, you’ll hear it when you play it – “I Don’t Wanna Love Again” is instantly as memorable as it is addictive…”Life Is Priceless” dives into a much more chilled-out gear & has you absorbing it like you would any cut from the conscious side of the Hip-Hop realm really…it’s more of a thinker, than a mover.   Nothing wrong with being on either side of that fence homies…it’s all about considering what kind of artist you wanna be, what styles you wanna rock the mic with, and what you wanna achieve; a cut like “Life Is Priceless” confirms he’s got options…“I Don’t Wanna Love Again” confirms he’s got plenty more.

So don’t get me wrong…hooks are important, they’re just not everything all of the time, you dig?  Right now, if I was basing my opinion on just the two cuts I’m reviewing here technically, I’d tell Elu$ive he’s got a verifiable place in conscious Hip-Hop and that he’s gonna get stronger in that respect over time without question.  He’s already expressing himself with natural skill on the mic that prove he’s got a gift in that department – and he’s got the smarts required to already know that the more of Elu$ive we get in the lyricism, the stronger the connection between him & the music, and the music & us, is gonna be.  “My Descent” gives you a bit more of a glimpse into the mindset of the man behind the mic, and as you’d likely expect from a guy that’s still got eighteen on the horizon, there’s that ever present mix of internal conflict & confusion when it comes to the emotions on display.  Dude’s tryin’ to navigate LIFE right now, nevermind a music career y’all – but as many of you already know full well yourselves, music can often illuminate that pathway forward and be the salvation we needed to get these thoughts out of our heads into a space we can hear them out loud, which actually helps us work things out & deal with it all believe it or not…that’s the artist life, in a nutshell I suppose.  Similarly to how I felt about “Life Is Priceless” in the sense that there’s no real defining singular hook – Elu$ive IS the hook y’all…it’s his personality, character, and charisma that’s gonna keep you coming back to “My Descent,” and of course there’s value in that too.  Just something to keep in mind as he makes his way into the future – he’s gonna be challenging for a few listeners out there in that regard…those that need their sing-along moments and a tangible, recognizable chorus-hook to retain their attention in-full…and that’s arguably a much more uphill battle than some routes through Rap & Hip-Hop will take ya.  As long as your conscious of that fact, and you’re willing to take that on – all the more power to ya – otherwise, that’s something to look at, examine, and refine over the years to follow.  I think a lot of people will have no problem connecting to the lyricism and how Elu$ive communicates his thoughts, emotions, and feelings…”My Descent” is another great example of just how solid his skills already are when it comes to focusing in on the theme of his words and getting them across in a way that we’ll listen – but again, there’s another level that he’s looking for as well, which is achieved in a track like “I Don’t Wanna Love Again” – that’s a song you can FEEL.  To me, that debut cut is still gonna be the ultimate gateway in for the masses out there and easily a single-worthy track…”Life Is Priceless” and “My Descent” are great follow up cuts that display a different aspect of what he can do…and I think the real answer to the formula he’s seeking out, lies somewhere right in between.  With the talent he’s already got, combined with the right attitude & determination he has – I’ve got no doubt he’ll find that balance over the years to follow as Elu$ive establishes his name out there in the scene…the possibilities are limitless, and his potential is too.

Listen to more music by Elu$ive at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/3YoNVFtFWDMg4jpDWEHCac

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