Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice – “Road To Universe”

 Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice – “Road To Universe”

All the way from Italy to our Canadian-based pages, with a single that’s set way out there in the stratosphere and a sound of their own destined to reach far beyond the stars – Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice are currently putting the finishing touches on the upcoming album Potatoes On Mars and have officially begun releasing pieces online with a new song/video for “Road To Universe,” in addition to the Excerpt From Potatoes On Mars EP that’s online & available now.  If it all sounds pretty wild and like they’re having a heck of a lot of fun, that’s because that’s truly the case – you can tell that this band is onboard to ride into the cosmos happily and explore the unknown in music…and you know we love that here.  Every time Andrea hits the highest peak of the vocals on “Road To Universe” at the song’s most intensely melodic moment…they reveal something savagely special that could very well put them on the musical map here on Earth – there’s uniqueness here in this band that can’t be denied, and you’ll notice it from sight to sound.  There is definitely a ton of room out there in the Alt/Indie-Rock scene for Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice to scurry around & thrive in…and I can only assume that with the high-level of imagination and bold sound radiating through their music that they’ll have no problem at all finding their way onto many playlists out there of listeners that like a truly different alternative to so much of what they’re currently rockin’ with.  Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice are clear ready, willing, and excited to blaze their own trail and discover all the beautiful wonders of their own signature sound…and many of us, myself included, are going to be just as stoked to ride along on this adventure in sound with them.

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