Year: <span>2021</span>

Glenn Murawski – The Crux Of Consciousness

Glenn Murawski – The Crux Of Consciousness – Album Review Glenn’s here again!  Collect your money from the office pool if you had his return picked before Jan. 21st, 2021…via Zoom & Paypal respectively, of course. I ain’t gonna lie to ya folks, were it just about any other artist or band out there in […]Read More

Thálassa – “Eolus”

Sign me UP for this!  Thálassa creates music so beautiful, even the scenery surrounding them in the video has to shine its brightest just to compete for your attention.  Thankfully, you don’t have to split your affections…you can simply push play on the latest by Thálassa to enjoy it audibly AND visibly. Through the spectacular […]Read More

Sxee Finesse – “ZAZA!” / “SHAWTY!”

Sxee Finesse – “ZAZA!” / “SHAWTY!” – Singles Review We got tons of bold capital letters in the house…a whole bunch of exclamation points in the mix…and what I’d guess has to be a massive amount of excitement along with it all coming direct from the main star of the show, Sxee Finesse.  Word on […]Read More

Turfseer – “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Turfseer – “The Emperor’s New Clothes” – Single Review …ohhh Turfseer my friend…I’m not 100% sure I can repeat the 2020 we had here again in 2021… If you’ve been following along with the saga of reviews we’ve put out on our pages discussing Turfseer’s music, you already know it hasn’t always been easy.  A […]Read More

Mr. MiLK – “Morphing Time”

Now…I don’t know about y’all out there…but this is the exact kind of epic video/single combination I could watch all day, every day, and twice on Sundays – and since I’ve run outta Sunday, I’m here early AF on a Monday morning, excited as it gets to be sharing this incredible cut by Mr. MiLK […]Read More

Marvel Mike – May The 4th Be With You

Marvel Mike – May The 4th Be With You – EP Review OK!  I feel like I can get behind this 100%…maybe even 200%…is that a thing? Marvel Mike understands real Hip-Hop right from the roots of where it started to what it is now – when you hear a genuine student of the craft, […]Read More

Hong Kong Stingray – “Cold Hard Times”

Admit it…these are “Cold Hard Times” we’re livin’ in – but Hong Kong Stingray’s got just the thing for ya to brighten up your day & lighten the mood with this cover/video release of the Lee Hazelwood original.  I mean, I don’t know what else folks could possibly want or expect me to say here…it’s […]Read More

Rian Music – “The Negative Brings Me Down”

Rian Music – “The Negative Brings Me Down” – Single Review In the context of staying true to the vision of this mission Rian Mac was on in creating a Peter Gabriel-esque type tune loaded up with thought-provoking societal commentary, insightful observations, and colorful instrumentation – you’ve gotta hand it to the man & his […]Read More

Lina Dior – “Ecstasy” Feat. OG Stally – Behind The

Lights, camera, action!  You KNOW you’ve always wanted to peek behind the curtain, and thanks to V12MusicLLC presenting this behind the scenes glimpse at the making of Lina Dior’s hot new single “Ecstasy” featuring OG Stally in the mix, you’ll get a full tour & see exactly how all the magic happens when an entire […]Read More

Alex Rosselli – “Countersteering”

Alex Rosselli – “Countersteering” – Single Review It took me longer than you’d think to develop the serious appreciation I have for instrumental music today.  Not too long in comparison to most mind you, I think I was probably around sixteen years-old when I was first pulling open new CDs of Satriani, Vai, Johnson, King […]Read More

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