Year: <span>2021</span>

Aldrich Benson – “Be The One”

Aldrich Benson – “Be The One” – Single Review …there are two dudes somewhere over there on the west coast right now, wondering…how IS this gonna go today?  So far as I’ve written about Aldrich Benson’s music here on these pages, like I did yesterday in reviewing “She” – I’ve been commenting on songs that […]Read More

Forsaken Garden

Official Press Release The Visionary New Video For “Scrambled In Your Wake” By Forsaken Garden Is Online & Available Everywhere Now! With a powerfully gripping combination of Dark Wave-meets-Post Industrial synthetic-based sound that explores the depths of art, music, philosophy and poetry as one – Forsaken Garden creates sensationally thought-provoking songs for the third-eye aware.  […]Read More

Link&Chain – “Ready”

Link&Chain – “Ready” – Single Review We’ve got so much fun planned out here with the music of Link&Chain that it’s probably best I lay it out there for ya a piece at a time…and I promise ya by the end, you’ll have the full picture of the fantastic spirit & attitude of this four-piece […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “She”

Aldrich Benson – “She” – Single Review These guys really do have a great thing goin’ on. It was only back in February that we first latched onto Aldrich Benson and its duo of musicians in Bob & Michael that make the magic happen through a couple of singles sliced from their Intelligent Music EP, […]Read More

Jordan Kootenay

Jordan Kootenay Interview SBS:  Alright!  Jordan Kootenay – homegrown talent from right here in Canada, up on our pages – welcome my brethren!  Hopefully that name of yours is still fresh in the people’s minds & the music in their ears from back in January when we first checked out your single “Far & Long […]Read More

Pilade Fanfani – “Fai Luce”

Go on now brother, be beautiful – we got your back here at sleepingbagstudios and we’re cheerin’ ya on! If you’re looking for a serious dose of personality in your music and a radiant sound to go along with it, look no further than this band based out of Italy right here, Pilade Fanfani – […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Broken Hill”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Broken Hill” – Single Review On the bright-side Wild Bill my man, the music continues to flow! Ain’t no doubt that our hero here has had the pandemic era on his mind as of late, and rightly so of course…it’s on all of our minds in some way, […]Read More

mentalEscape – Grunge Tape

mentalEscape – Grunge Tape – Album Review Well I’ve certainly learned a few new things so far! Like…here’s a fun fact you might not know – when you pull a record off of Spotify, it still leaves an unplayable impression?  Who knew that?  So like, what – we get to LOOK at it for the […]Read More

Jeff Shadows & Low Key Trampoline – Slow Motion Spring

Jeff Shadows & Low Key Trampoline – Slow Motion Spring – EP Review Well now, what DO we have here? This is something special, that much I can tell ya – I’m really liking what I hear on this upcoming EP from the collaborative duo of Jeff Shadows & Low Key Trampoline – this works […]Read More

Mimi Novic – Beyond The Horizons

Mimi Novic – Beyond The Horizons – Album Review “Everything comes at its given time, and its given space – we are where we are meant to be at any given time.”  I couldn’t agree with you more Mimi. In fact…while I wouldn’t ever go as far as to say ‘I’ll do ya one better’ […]Read More

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