Year: <span>2021</span>

Pete Gustard – Battlefield Ballet

Pete Gustard – Battlefield Ballet – Album Review Well now!  That’s definitely some of the best album artwork I’ve seen…ever?  Amazing.  Provocative.  Enticing.  An image like that is as artistic as it is insightful…but really, we should expect nothing less from Pete Gustard at this point in his career, you know what I mean?  This […]Read More

Little Ghost – “Best And Brightest”

Little Ghost – “Best And Brightest” – Single Review Not only is it amazing how much time can pass in between seeing someone up on our pages sometimes, but the synchronicity of when they tend to return can be equally fascinating.  On a technical level, I suppose it’s fair to say that we haven’t had […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 155

Check out the 2nd time we got to watch Vaultry rock on their 2017 tour, shortly before they disbanded – and this time around, on the complete opposite side of Canada at a sick underground show put on by Ask A Punk in Ottawa!  Stick around for a seriously grungy bonus vid from Lung Flower […]Read More

Celiane The Voice – “Inner Universe Reloaded”

Celiane The Voice – “Inner Universe Reloaded” – Single Review “Many of you that know Celiane The Voice know that I stand for love and consciousness – that means love of self, and love of others…because when you love yourself, you can love others.”  #truth #wisdom Those words came directly from the cyborg lips of […]Read More

Free Mace – “Shark Attack”

Free Mace – “Shark Attack” – Single Review “Everywhere I go, and everywhere I see, there’s another shark attack.”  #truth Interestingly enough, if you Google ‘shark attacks’ – you’ll find ‘shark attacks in Florida’ come up in the top ten results; but while you might assume these island vibes & Reggae sound of Jacksonville-based Free […]Read More

Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers – “Within You Without You”

Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers – “Within You Without You” / “Tomorrow Never Knows” – Single Review Like just about every musically-inclined childhood on this planet of ours, I was raised with a ton of The Beatles flowing throughout the household.  Being born in the 80s and growing up in the Grunge era of the […]Read More

Jordan Kootenay

Jordan Kootenay Interview SBS:  Alrighty dude…thanks for comin’ on back for another round of Q&A – let’s talk some tunes Jordan.  I suppose the logical place to start this time around, is to point out the fact that last time we talked, your brand-new record Damaged Goods was still coming just around the corner, and […]Read More

Kay Guss x Buck Hunnitz – “FRANTIKK”

“Whole lotta racks.”  #VisualProof After hearing all the unfiltered, raw, and gritty details of everything they’ve been through to get where they are today – you better believe that Kay Guss & Buck Hunnitz have earned the racks they’re flashing now!  I’m 100% stoked about what I hear in this collaboration and what I see […]Read More

Teddy Wender & Jazzmatik – “Summer Shirt”

Teddy Wender & Jazzmatik – “Summer Shirt” – Single Review You know…no matter how many songs I listen to, or however many reviews I seem to write, I still pride myself on the fact that I’m more than amazed, still to this day, by the things people will choose to write about.  Outright fascinating really […]Read More

GioGag – Singles

GioGag – U Never Know – Album Sampler/Singles Review If you’re joining us after having a listen to the latest episode of the SBS Podcast featuring GioGag’s music on it, fantastic!  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out just yet, no worries – it lives on the internet – you can check […]Read More

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