Year: <span>2021</span>

Lex Indika – “Cotton Candy”

Lex Indika – “Cotton Candy” – Music Video Post Hey – I get where she’s goin’ with this! Which is both straight up to the top of the charts, in addition to tackling the confectionary side of love, what’s real, and what’s superficial sweetness.  I dig what you got goin’ on Lex Indika!  “Cotton Candy” […]Read More

The Jode Gannon Band – “Love Don’t Bring Me Down”

The Jode Gannon Band – “Love Don’t Bring Me Down” – Single Review What a debut year this dude/band has had!  I tell ya…if this site of ours had its wits about it and recognized singles just as much as we tend to focus on EPs & albums, you’d probably have found The Jode Gannon […]Read More

Alien Skin – Put Your Lips On My Lips

Alien Skin – Put Your Lips On My Lips – Album Review Another highly productive year for the music of George Pappas and Alien Skin – Put Your Lips On My Lips would be the second record I’ve reviewed from this dude in 2021, following the release of Cold War Pop.  I’ve spent more than […]Read More

The Guv – “December In Istanbul” / “If I Kill

The Guv – “December In Istanbul” / “If I Kill My Darlings” – Singles Review I really dig the humble characters you find out there every so often in this music scene we share – people just like this guy right here, known as The Guv.  Tunes come across this desk in many different ways […]Read More

SBS Podcast 139

Now this here is a moment to remember – and hopefully one of many times we’ll cross paths with artist Alyssa Grace as she conquers and crafts herself a full-on music career.  You don’t wanna miss this episode!  We’ll take ya through some of her history, some of the history we share together from our […]Read More

Chad Rubin – “Just Another” / “You’ll Find You”

Chad Rubin – “Just Another” / “You’ll Find You” – Singles Review This dude’s been plenty busy in his absence from our pages here! We caught up with artist Chad Rubin back in 2017 in checking out his single “Alone AF” – and even then, we were technically late jumpin’ onto the bandwagon – I […]Read More

Lonzo Da Menace

Official Press Release Lonzo Da Menace Levels-Up Hard With The Release Of His New Album Operation – Online & Out Now! Going to jail back in 2018 only made Drill rapper Lonzo Da Menace’s bulletproof bars stronger than steel. After serving out two separate full sentences, incarcerated in Illinois prison – 38 months in total […]Read More

Kootenay & Co. – “Corroded Sins”

Kootenay & Co. – “Corroded Sins” – Single Review You know, when I first saw the title, I was convinced this cut would be on the Metal side of Kootenay & Co.’s sound right away.  Then I sat back and thought about it for a while…and really, I suppose it COULD have been one of […]Read More

No Serial Killer – No Serial Killer

No Serial Killer – No Serial Killer – Singles Review Iwillgointothiswithanopenmind…Iwillgointothiswithanopenmind…Iwillgointothiswithanopenmind… Alright.  So.  At the very least, you can see where my intentions are.  I’ve been assured behind the scenes that No Serial Killer has saved their best for last here…and I immediately pushed back against both of those notions upon receiving the music without […]Read More

Swami Lushbeard – “End Of The World”

Swami Lushbeard – “End Of The World” – Single Review “It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of the day…” – I’m choosing to take their word for it. Here’s what I can tell ya.  In my opinion, LA’s Rock band Swami Lushbeard has pretty much always been underestimated & underrated […]Read More