Soraia – “Tight-Lipped”

 Soraia – “Tight-Lipped”

Soraia – “Tight-Lipped” – Music Video Post

It’d be real tough to miss the Joan Jett influence on Soraia here…but I also suspect that’s a comparison they’d wear with as the badge of honor it should be, and one they probably regularly encounter with the wild Rock vibes of a single like “Tight-Lipped.”  Built on personality and BIG sound – Soraia’s latest single delivers the pure energy and intensity that has had the genre played loud & proud throughout its history – and it’s guaranteed to convince ya that they’ve gone all-in with the performance you’ll  hear from’em.

Interesting story to go along with Soraia as well if you ask me.  From what I gather, they’re just doin’ their level best to BE a band right now – and considering their resurgence has been taking place over the course of the past two pandemic-filled years, you can only imagine the amount of obstacles that they’ve likely encountered at the same time as they’ve been doin’ what they can to break new ground with their music & career.  They’ve still managed to beat the odds and accomplish a ton in that time, including the release of their latest record called Dig Your Roots last year, along with a bunch of videos put out online…and this shiny new tune here as well.  You’ll find that Soraia’s own history goes back even further from the videos & music you’ll see online, but from what it sounds like according to their online bio, 2020/2021 were scheduled to be mammoth years in their career before everything got locked down right.  Now it’s time for the revenge year!  Making sure they stay hot and ready for the return to the stage throughout 2022 – the band has already got a TON of shows booked for the upcoming 365, including their first tour over to Sweden to rock the house down over there this summer.  Bringing things even more full-circle for ya – this coming April, they’ll even be sharing the stage with none other than Joan Jett And The Blackhearts – how freakin’ cool is that?  Amazing!  Here’s a fun trivia fact for you too – it won’t actually be the first time they’ve played together!  Soraia is definitely on their way up and set to rock right through 2022 – and a track like “Tight-Lipped” is full proof they’ve got the chops to keep ya fully entertained as they do.

From the gritty cinematic scenes of their new video, to the gripping rip of the energy that roars through their music – “Tight-Lipped” is savage on all-fronts and clearly a song that’s determined to melt your speakers, even in the cold of winter.  Forget those yuletide Christmas tunes today – you want something stronger than that, and Soraia is here to fill your stockings & speakers with the sonic & visual badassery that you had on your wish-list!  There ain’t nothing left for you to do now but tune in & turn this UP – so do that!

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