ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness”

 ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness”

ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” – Music Video Post

To think that I’m somehow going to have to get through pronouncing “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” again for the upcoming episode of the SBS Podcast…it’s a daunting task ahead of me y’all – no joke, I sit here and say the name of this tune out loud while I’m listening so that I’ll have had extra practice, and it’s probably STILL gonna come out sounding like I just read it for the first time when we do the show.  So if hearing me make verbal mistakes is your jam…you’re probably already a big fan of our podcast!  I am…prone to making several of those usually, per episode, per segment, of whatever it is that I’m talkin’ about.  Make sure to tune in for that though…we’ll get your speakers rockin’ right at the start of your New Year in 2022 – and in the meantime, we’ve got the brand-new anime video supporting ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” right here on our pages for ya to enjoy via your screens today.

If you’re just catching up to what we’ve been featuring here, or just finding your way onto ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s bandwagon now – no worries – we’ve still got room for ya and you’ve still got plenty of time to find out about what you’ve been missing out on.  Click here and you’ll go right to the previous review I’ve written on ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s ME / NOT ME EP – and you can also click here to go to the SBS Podcast from earlier back in December when we gave this stellar single a spin on our show for the very first time.  Suffice it to say, I’ve spent significant time with this particular cut – and I can confirm I’m not alone in that – a quick glance at the official Spotify page for ATLS PLAZA N.D. will show ya that this dude has put out a ton of music over this past year or so, including the album SAINTELLE and 5th Dimension EP, and yet the two tracks from the ME / NOT ME EP have already worked their way into his most popular tunes.  Rightly so – I had nothing but solid things to say about what I’d heard from this Vaporwave artist & producer, and even more specifically, my ears were set firmly upon this very track right here as the new EP’s most ultimate gem between the two cuts.  Do I stand by that assessment?  Of course I do – and you know that; there hasn’t been a word I’ve written in the nearly ten years I’ve been here that I wouldn’t fully stand behind.  That ain’t to say the EP’s other cut isn’t worth checking out either – that’s not at all what I’m saying – I’m simply shoutin’ out my personal preference because “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” is a genuinely killer cut.  So much sonic dimension & depth to it…it plays at an absolutely fascinating & mesmerizing pace…the production is 100% on point and the sound-selection is sensational – quite honestly, I’d readily put this up there with my favorite tunes from 2021 when it comes to the overall completeness of any song that’s been released this year.  To listen to “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” is to experience an audible odyssey where no detail has been overlooked, and the maximum potential in every element you hear stands out for all the right reasons.  A song like this is full proof that the very definition of what makes a ‘single’ can mean so many things – and one of those definitions certainly surrounds quality…quality concepts, quality sound, quality talent…you can check all of these boxes when you’re listening to ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” easily.  Sure the masses out there like a catchy chorus and an upbeat vibe traditionally when it comes to what we tend to regard as a ‘single’ – but when you listen to a song like “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” you really appreciate how single-worthy sound is so many other things.  Because if you’re trying to tell me that the strength of the allure in the brilliantly produced sound of this song and its captivating & hypnotic, mesmerizingly multi-dimensional vibes isn’t equally as compelling as any snazzy sing-along hook could be…I’m not sure what else I could tell ya, other than we’d clearly listen to music differently.

But we’re all on the same page, literally AND audibly, aren’t we?  You’re hearing what I’m hearing in ATLS PLAZA N.D. – this is an exceptionally well-controlled & professionally slick single right here is what this is!  PLUS – now it’s got visual support too?  Who doesn’t like cartoons?  C’mon now!  How many times have you seen me rant & rave how that’s just about my favorite thing to watch with my music?  At this point, it’s countless – and the reason that keeps on coming back in my writing, is because y’all are savvy enough to KNOW that it’s a great way to promote your music – we all, universally, love cartoons.  I don’t care if you don’t wanna admit it, or how old you think you are, deep down, you know it’s the truth – and as for you dedicated anime fans out there, don’t you even think of comin’ at me with the whole ‘they’re not cartoons’ thing – I get it, I get it – it’s different, yes.  But y’all know it’s still a cartoon right?

Anyhow.  I’m 100% assuming you’ll dig this every bit as much as I do, because you’ve got great taste too I’m sure.  I’ve spent a lot of time making videos here in the background over the years in behind the scenes, and I can tell ya firsthand the work has been put into making “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” work really well – this ain’t just another clip-show, you feel me?  The timing is freakin’ spectacular, the scenes that are chosen are really smart, vivid, and clear – you’ll see that you spend a lot of time with eyeballs onscreen…and my assumption is, that’s no accident.  The eyes are the window to the soul after all, as they say, right?  “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” is an authentic reflection of that kind of level of philosophical depth in action…not achieved by spelling it out through words, or even directly to you through what you’ll see onscreen either – it’s about sensory vibes from sight to sound…it’s a song that speaks to you beyond something words could ever say…it’s truly thought-provoking and evocative stuff that seems to echo & mirror our emotions back to us…and heck yeah, we feel it.  “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” is as complete as complete can be – exactly as I told ya right from the very start – and now ATLS PLAZA N.D. has added the right cherry on top with an eye-catching & cleverly assembled video that flawlessly flows along in tandem with this single from the ME / NOT ME EP, giving a song like this every advantage it could possibly have to reach the large audience efforts & ideas like this deserve to find.  ATLS PLAZA N.D. is thinking ahead of the rest, and approaching his music & career with undeniable quality, professionalism, and crystal-clear creativity – “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” was already an incredible cut by any definition to start with – the fact that it’s now got a flawless video to support it, just makes the experience even more enjoyable, on yet another different level.  Make sure to tune in to the next episode of the SBS Podcast coming at the start of 2022 – we’ll be spinning this cut on the show and talking about ATLS PLAZA N.D. along the way – until that magical time comes, make sure to check out that video above, and stay connected to what the man is up to by visiting his official pages below!

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