Month: <span>November 2020</span>

Inzane Music 2020 – “Better” Featuring Rico_Maz

Here’s the thing…and this is key… As listeners, we tend to get automatically get locked onto the music or what’s happening on the microphone – that’s only natural.  And in a project like what’s been happening in the songs created by Inzane Music 2020, it’s more than justifiable…literally everything we’ve heard has been all-killer no-filler […]Read More

Alias Wayne – FAVS

Alias Wayne – FAVS – Album Review I mean…straight-up, a greatest hits record is an excellent way to make a first impression.  Welcome to our pages Alias Wayne!  Any band or artist that wants to start out an album with an idea & performance as strong as you’ll find FAVS opens with, is welcome here […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 142

Back in 2014 when legendary alt-band Failure decided to tour their album Fantastic Planet, you better believe we showed up for that!  They stopped by the Rickshaw in Vancouver and slayed a killer set – all-in-all, it was just crazy awesome to get to see a band as rad as Failure is, especially when at […]Read More


In case anyone’s wondering, the ‘F’ in “F Concept” stands for ‘freakin’ GENIUS’ as far as we’re concerned. But by now you know that…if you’ve been reading these pages of ours over the past couple months in posting up BROCK‘s latest cuts & videos, then you’re well familiar with the fact that I’ve been in […]Read More

KILJIN – “Path Of The Warlock”

I’ve been tellin’ ya loud & proud since around the end of October when we were first introduced to the badass music of KILJIN through their single “I’m Still Alive” that this mischievous band of heavy hitters is just as much about creating genuine fun as they are here to rock the fuck out – […]Read More

ReLoVe – “Stand On Love”

ReLoVe – “Stand On Love” – Single Review I had a sneaking suspicion back in 2019 last year when reviewing ReLoVe for the first time, that I’d definitely remember them in the future, whenever I might run into them next.  And here we are now, more than a year later & who knows how many […]Read More

Baywud – “Where Was I Then”

Stunning. Songs like this are incredibly hard to write to begin with, let alone pull off with as much heart, soul, and sincerity as you’ll find in this cut from Baywud. It’s quite often what we know about that comes through the best in the music we make…for better, or for worse.  Baywud has clearly […]Read More

Zetroc – “The Bottomless”

…loading…*please wait… Scrap that – wait for nothing!  Click on this wild new single & video from Zetroc called “The Bottomless” and take a verifiable trip with us this morning. Welcome to what’s essentially the new Twilight Zone of the modern day…it’s the space between the analog & digital realm…or perhaps more accurately, the space […]Read More

The Marica Frequency – The Clone

The Marica Frequency – The Clone – Album Review Alright…so…a couple things can be, and are true.  One is that, I’ve known The Marica Frequency has had some material banked-up & ready to roll since the last time I had reviewed their music – and the other thing is that, after having heard their previous […]Read More

General Housekeeping

I know, I know…it’s been a while since there’s been a blog posting here – 100% my fault. You see…I was busy humming & hawing over internet providers & hosts & whatnot when SBS needed a savage upgrade, trying to figure out the next move.  As a result of my waiting, a whole bunch of […]Read More