Inzane Music 2020 – “Better” Featuring Rico_Maz

 Inzane Music 2020 – “Better” Featuring Rico_Maz

Here’s the thing…and this is key…

As listeners, we tend to get automatically get locked onto the music or what’s happening on the microphone – that’s only natural.  And in a project like what’s been happening in the songs created by Inzane Music 2020, it’s more than justifiable…literally everything we’ve heard has been all-killer no-filler without question.  But beyond what we hear & what we see, there’s true musical intelligence being applied behind the scenes here & extremely wise choices being made.  Lemme explain…  Inzane Music 2020 has been pumping out high-quality sound from the lefts to the rights this year – and guest-stars like we’ve experienced with TXMIC handling the bars on singles like “All Day” and “LEFT BEHIND,” or this latest cut called “Better” featuring Rico_Maz on the m-i-c, have been more than remarkable gems in each of their appearances.  And that’s just the thing folks…that’s the real magic of why this is all working out so well…it’s one thing to be talented, it’s another to recognize the talent in others, and it’s a whole OTHER thing to be able to know when a collaboration is going to produce the results you’re looking for.  What I’m saying is, Inzane Music 2020 isn’t just flawlessly solid when it comes to the art of making music – this project is lifting up the entire scene at the same time as itself, and in the process, been introducing us all to a wealth of talented artists through these Inzanely-addictive collaborative efforts.  It takes a supreme connection to music to understand where all the right pieces fit like this – and the sheer fact that track-after-track, Inzane Music 2020 continually puts out perfection, should tell us all everything we need to know about the depth of insightful talent that exists on both sides of the studio boards here.

No joke – Inzane Music 2020 has made November rock on these pages, speakers, and screens of ours.  As much as I love what’s come out already in the previous two cuts I’ve heard…”Better” might even be more suited to my own personal taste with the majority of the emphasis of this song being so noticeably based in beautifully smooth melody.  Whereas what we heard on “LEFT BEHIND” and “All Day” had much more tangibly dedicated Hip-Hop vibes, the new single “Better” reaches for a more decisively hybrid style that fuses modern-day R&B/Soul with Hip-Hop/Electro…you know, similar to the recipe that good ol’ Post Malone’s brought to the mainstream so monumentally that it’ll stay there permanently – that’s the kind of top-shelf sound we’re talking about on this new cut from Inzane Music 2020 & Rico_Maz.  Accessible?  Check.  Hooks?  Golden.  Production?  Flawless.  Vocals?  A perfect pairing with vibes like this…you truly couldn’t ask for better collaborations than Inzane Music 2020 has been bringing to us all this year…and I suppose we can only hope there’s an Inzane Music 2021 & 2022 coming right around the corner here.  What I can tell ya for sure is, if this is the kind of exceptional quality that’s gonna keep flowing in our direction, believe me when I say, not a single one of us out there will have any problems with continuing on to listen to what Inzane Music 2020’s pumping out into the music-scene.  Check it out for yourself and give “Better” a click or two below!

We’ve experienced cuts with insightful & inspiring social commentary & thought-provoking lyricism in the past singles – and this time around, Inzane Music 2020 & Rico_Maz go for an uplifting atmosphere that’s designed to be every bit as welcoming & inviting as it truly becomes.  At its core, “Better” is a love song for certain…but it’s also got a unique angle on what that’s really all about, what it entails, and what’s involved; it presents the notion that loving someone the way we should, makes us want to be “Better” ourselves, so that we can be “Better” for that person we love, & love’em even more – you feel me?  The sweetness of this sentiment is captured perfectly in the vocals from Rico_Maz and the lyricism that flows throughout the gentle vibes of “Better” – it’s a real moment in time where every sound you’ll hear, sounds like it fits perfectly into place, right where it should be.  The results produce an endlessly warm & comforting song in “Better” that a ton of hearts & minds out there listening will surely be able to relate to – and just as importantly, be ready to turn UP.  Inzane Music 2020 has been having nothing short of a seriously breakout year filled with spectacular material already – and there’s no doubt in my mind that flexing the finesse in this collaborative-minded project even further into new directions like you’ll experience in the sound & style of “Better” is going to widen the potential audience further, and bring even more people in to listen.  Everything seems to be moving in the right direction for Inzane Music 2020…and from everything I’ve seen & heard, I believe there’s every reason to believe that all the momentum, excitement, support, and love pouring in for this project will grow exponentially in the future to follow.  If you know about Inzane Music 2020 right now already – congratulations, you’re one of the savvy and light-years ahead of the game; as for the rest of you, have no fear – a project like this that produces such vivid & vibrant material, in multiple styles, definitely won’t stay secret for very long.

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