Month: <span>November 2020</span>

The Machete – Shape Shifters: Fact Vs Fiction

The Machete – Shape Shifters: Fact Vs Fiction – EP Review There are some characters you meet in this music-scene we share that ya never forget, even if it’s on a virtual basis – and there’s no question that The Machete has been unforgettable ever since we got introduced to them back in the day, […]Read More

KILJIN – “My Reflection”

We were introduced to the killer sounds of KILJIN through the video for “I’m Still Alive” posted up here at our pages at the end of last month – and now we’ve got more from these minstrels of Metal & mayhem for you to dig on here in November with another savage cut sliced from […]Read More

Sensitive Robot – Hush Puppies – A Musical Story

Sensitive Robot – Hush Puppies – A Musical Story – Album Review I’m all about it…but that kinda makes sense, given the fact that Sensitive Robot is involved. Though this is far from the typical record that comes my way…how could I not appreciate the combination of a story & music as one?  A collaborative […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Alien Jungle”

When we last left off on our series of posts with Ltronnika earlier in the summer of 2020 with the release of the single “Echoes Past,” you could visually see just a slight transition being made and hear what sounded like plans to head towards that all-important next-level.  It might be months later on down […]Read More

TWOFEW – “On The Run”

TWOFEW – “On The Run” – Single Review I am…highly interested… When it comes to making music, creating art & such…there are no definitive rules written down anywhere on some sacred parchment that say you’ve just gotta do everything the same as everyone that’s come before ya.  In the world I’m livin’ in, we celebrate […]Read More

Tu P – Agenda

Tu P – Agenda – Album Review When the first thing you read about a record describes it as “A 20 track album covering the big-picture issues of our time: climate change, child protection, terrorism, policing, freedom of speech, geopolitics, Coronavirus, healthcare and the arts” believe me when I say, you’ve definitely got my attention.  […]Read More

Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted”

Fun FACT – we’ve never stopped loving on the music of Xavier Toscano here at SBS! Need proof?  How about this then?  We were first introduced to him back in 2014 through a review on his album Feels So Good…then in 2015, we posted up his video for “Never Wanna Leave” right here at these […]Read More

Turfseer – “In Toba Tek Singh”

Turfseer – “In Toba Tek Singh” – Single Review Here we go… If you have been reading the saga & series of reviews I’ve written on Turfseer’s music throughout this year, you’ve seen a solid back & forth between battling perspectives on the pandemic, but you’ve also heard a whole bunch of songs that incorporate […]Read More