Month: <span>November 2020</span>

The Seducers – “Horns”

I know we’re all about this – the question really is, are YOU ready for The Seducers? This digitally killer Electro-hybrid creates a colorful collage of audible awesomeness & a full-on mix of mischief & mayhem, to bombard us with the exploratory & innovative creativity surging throughout the new single “Horns,” burying us in an […]Read More

Desert Rain Project – “Centre Of The Universe”

Sounding fantastic in a mix of melancholy & splendor – Desert Rain Project returns to our pages with a stellar new single/video just released, called “Centre Of The Universe” for you all to dig on.  We call it like we hear it over here at SBS, always have, always will – and what you’ll hear […]Read More

Erik Odsell – “Human”

If you’ve read the recent review we wrote about artist Erik Odsell‘s latest single “Human” from back at the end of October, you know we had plenty of great things to say about the meaningful messages behind his new song – and here’s your opportunity to check out the video he’s put together to support […]Read More

Inzane Music 2020 – “LEFT BEHIND” Featuring Francis & TXMIC

“Can’t let the loss be all for nothing.”  #truth Memorable hooks & meaningful messages?  Sign us up homies – you know we’re into that. Inzane Music 2020 has put together an absolutely stellar single/video combination here in collaboration with artists Francis & TXMIC – “LEFT BEHIND” is the kind of cut that hits home with […]Read More

RM Allegiance – Endless Mirages

RM Allegiance – Endless Mirages – Album Review We’ve been talking a whole lot about the quirky characters of the independent music-scene making their returns to our pages as of late, and just how memorable so many of them are due to the uniqueness they’ve been sharing with the world.  Present company included…we’ll keep that […]Read More


This guy! Every time I turn my head, BROCK seems to have popped up with a new single/video as of late – and you better believe I’m more than willing to keep on listening whenever I find something drop online by this Electro innovator.  If you’ve been paying attention to our pages over this past […]Read More

Michael Regina – Zentronique

Michael Regina – Zentronique – Album Review Here’s an album that’s been in heavy rotation for me ever since I got my hands on it! Awesome to have this guy back in action…Michael Regina has an immaculate ear for sound and always manages to generate thrills even in the most chilled-out settings.  He’s verifiably wowed […]Read More

Turfseer – “Who Stole The Boston Cream Pie?”

Turfseer – “Who Stole The Boston Cream Pie?” – Single Review Alrighty Turfseer…nice to hear ya on a roll there friend. Many things became much more clear to me in reviewing this songwriter’s latest tune…some of which I’d suspected & maybe might have passed in the information I’ve been scanning over time, but put to […]Read More

Vincent Krennerich – “Lebendig”

Beyond impressed. German composer/artist Vincent Krennerich clearly has the magic tough required to make his instrumental piano songs shine brightly enough to reach us all the way over here in Canada – and I’d imagine with the crystalline beauty he’s able to pack into his songs, that his music is traveling all over the world […]Read More

SBS Podcast 107

To help serve as your reminder to get out there and support the independent music-scene today online for Bandcamp Friday, we’ve got a full lineup of audio awesomeness & thirteen tracks that’ll give you a great head start on helping you know where to spend your hard earned dough – it’s Proof Of Purchase Volume […]Read More