Month: <span>June 2020</span>

SBS Live This Week 126

Come join us for the Covid Relief Project 2020 Special on SBS Live This Week! Interview guests include the amazing Lola de Hanna, the inimitable MJ Flaws, and the incredible Joseph Tonelli – and you know we’ve got music for ya in the mix as well. Catch classic cuts from the show’s past with Trev […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “Standing On My Feet”

Sean Shiff – “Standing On My Feet” – Single Review According to legend…or at the very least, these notes I’ve got here in front of me…Sean Shiff got this gem recorded just prior to the world grinding to a halt via the current pandemic we’re still all stuck in.  Playing the roles of songwriter & […]Read More

Seventh – “The Gift Of Death”

Scorching hot Black Metal to start up your morning, courtesy of Seventh, based out of Quebec, Canada, right next door to us only one province over from where we are in Ottawa, Ontario.  With a savage & punishing molten-lava sound that pushes the limits of the extreme into the beyond, Seventh takes their hybrid style […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Today”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Today” – Single Review I often wonder if people hear what I hear. Like…I certainly assume that anyone out there that had really listened closely to the debut record by Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders back in 2014 would have easily come to the same conclusions as […]Read More

Jeff Russell JSwole – “Again”

“It’s been a minute fam…” While that’s certainly true – we last featured artist Jeff Russell JSwole here on our pages back in 2018 – he also proves it’s all worth the waiting with the powerful bounce & inspired sound of his brand-new 2020 single “Again.”  If you can somehow resist the bass-line grooves to […]Read More

Breeze434 – “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle”

“Breeze the ma’fuckin’ prophet” – preach the good WORD brother – I feel it! You will too, the talent of Breeze434 is straight-up undeniable – the man proves to be a serious master of the m-i-c on this combo-cut he’s rockin’ with his latest single “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle” and puts on a verbal clinic of how […]Read More

Turfseer – “Just Like 1961” Featuring Jon Statham

Turfseer – “Just Like 1961” Featuring Jon Statham – Single Review Alright…alright music-scene…I get it, I get it – I didn’t know nearly enough about Bob Dylan before this week had started and that secret was made clearly earlier this week in my review of Vargen’s latest record.  As it turns out, I still had […]Read More

Had Enough – “Thought Criminal” Featuring DJ TMB

This homie has got bars for days y’all – listen UP! Had Enough takes it straight to the m-i-c on his latest cut “Thought Criminal” featuring DJ TMB, crushing it with a solid mix of insightful & controversial lyricism that’s bound to get your minds movin’ this mornin’ while keepin’ those ears of yours fully […]Read More

Psykobilly – “The Invisible Man”

Psykobilly – “The Invisible Man” – Single Review Stoked to have good ol’ Psykobilly back on our site & in our speakers once again this year – let’s do this! All the way from Gloucester, UK, to our Canadian pages based out of the nation’s capital in Ottawa…y’all know me…I love hearing what’s happening in […]Read More

Ty The Artist

Official Press Release Ty The Artist Turns Up The Heat In Summer 2020 With A Series Of Singles In His Stunning Solo Debut! With massive plans to heat up the summer of 2020, the soulful sound of Ty The Artist is set to make the most of his debut by taking his whole career straight […]Read More