Had Enough – “Thought Criminal” Featuring DJ TMB

 Had Enough – “Thought Criminal” Featuring DJ TMB

This homie has got bars for days y’all – listen UP!

Had Enough takes it straight to the m-i-c on his latest cut “Thought Criminal” featuring DJ TMB, crushing it with a solid mix of insightful & controversial lyricism that’s bound to get your minds movin’ this mornin’ while keepin’ those ears of yours fully entertained in the process.  Unafraid to say exactly what’s on his mind exactly how he wants to say it, Had Enough fearlessly tackles important key issues we think we’re informed about and urges listeners to dig deeper.  “I don’t fake it to make it – that’s a wack flex,” as the man on the mic will tell ya direct on “Thought Criminal” – Had Enough is spittin’ raw unfiltered truth at ya whether you can handle it or not on this single inspired by George Orwell’s 1984.  A wildly skilled emcee that has recently taken home the trophy for the top honors as the Best Hip-Hop Artist from the Tulsa Music Awards two years in a row back-to-back – it’s more than evident that Had Enough has the talent & determination to take him straight to the top, and with powerfully dynamic beats like this one provided by DJ TMB, clearly nothing can stop him.  Check out what Had Enough brings to the game & the realm of Hip-Hop in the official video for “Thought Criminal” featuring DJ TMB below!

Find out more about Had Enough from the official homepage at:  https://www.hadenoughmusic.com

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