Breeze434 – “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle”

 Breeze434 – “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle”

Breeze the ma’fuckin’ prophet” – preach the good WORD brother – I feel it!

You will too, the talent of Breeze434 is straight-up undeniable – the man proves to be a serious master of the m-i-c on this combo-cut he’s rockin’ with his latest single “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle” and puts on a verbal clinic of how to handle your business as an emcee with an electrified performance.

Rollin’ through the bars with precision & passion, Breeze434 has a genuine gift for expression and saying exactly what’s on his mind.  With a middle finger raised up and flexing true professional finesse, he creates a tale that certainly sounds like it’s based on real-life experience, with tons of details added in along the way that reveal the ups & downs of a day in the life of Breeze434 while he’s been on his grind.  As he’ll go on to tell ya, it ain’t always easy that’s for sure – but hey, at the end of the day, look who’s coming out on top now right?  Breeze434 has got one of the most addictive cuts of the year right here.

Honestly, you’d have to be insane not to be entertained by this and come out with genuine respect for the X-factor in this artist.  You can see it in his eyes onscreen, you can hear it in his voice – Breeze434 has the grit, determination, and talent it takes to make it in this business.  He’s already spittin’ with the confidence & swagger of a titan like Joyner Lucas, and if the quality of the video shot by Gravity Films is any indication, Breeze434 has pushed all-in towards that next-level in a strong bid to become that next household name.  WHEN it happens, you tell’em I sent you y’all – you heard it here first – Breeze434 has got a huge future coming his way; he’s more than on-point with his rhymes on “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle” – he’s working with an entirely relevant sound for the right here & now that’s sure to connect with listeners all around the globe.  What might be the most incredible aspect of how Breeze434 approaches the mic is how organic it all sounds – which you’ll find he’ll go on to prove in the natural flow of the second-half of this split-single where he starts droppin’ freestyle bombs up on ya will all the precision & punch he was bringing to first-half of this cut only moments before.  Like I told ya from the get-go here…the man handles his business proper; whether it’s rehearsed in the studio booth or kickin’ it freestyle, clearly Breeze434 has the rhythm, ideas, and bars required to make a massive impression.

You can find both these two cuts on Breeze434’s latest full-album called Still Waters Run Deep, Vol 1 – word on the street is that he’s close to putting the finishing touches on the next record called Unknown, rumored to be rollin’ out online July 20th, 2020 – so make sure to keep your eyes on Breezy’s pages & you’ll be the first to know when it all goes down.  Until then, make sure you’re watching this video and giving it the amount of love it truly deserves – from the screen to the speakers, “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle” delivers maximum entertainment on all-fronts.  For real – look at the way this video flows will ya?  It’s got that continuously-moving one-shot style that had the movie Birdman winning the Oscar, you feel me?  Moving from city streets to hallways indoors, through party-scene to party-scene, Breeze434 keeps your ears locked onto his every word as he keeps it moving visually in the video, opening doors and blazin’ it up with his fam as he shifts gears and stylistically transitions through “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle.”  Watch the way the edits, effects, and quick cuts all stack up to a huge WIN – everything I’ve heard and seen from Breeze434 on “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle” is exactly the level of dedication, skill, & effort I get outta bed every morning hoping to discover somewhere out there in the scene.  I fail to see or hear how anyone could come to any other kind of conclusion – Breeze434 puts his multiple talents right into the spotlight for all to witness…and there’s no doubt we’ll be hearing a whole lot more as this man makes his way to the top spot on the charts where he rightfully belongs.

There’s nothing not to love here – Breeze434 is crushin’ this slick beat from Sickario with the confidence & skill it takes to take over the scene – I’m 100% stoked about “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle” both in audio & video – and ultimately, I think I’m even more excited about the potential you can hear in this artist to lead the way for the rest to follow.

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