Month: <span>June 2020</span>

Izzie’s Caravan – “Drownin’ Man’s Blues”

Good ol’ Izzie’s Caravan lightin’ up the speakers & screens for ya on our pages this mornin’ – you dig? I was actually surprised to see it was just back in March of this same very year that we last posted up a cut from this crazy gem of the music-scene here at sleepingbagstudios…the songs […]Read More

Vargen – Love/Leave – 11 Songs Of Bob Dylan

Vargen – Love/Leave – 11 Songs Of Bob Dylan – Album Review Somewhere in the back of my mind, I always knew this day would come. I think it’s natural for people to feel awkward about their shortcomings…and I’m no exception to that when they pop up.  After 2000+ reviews written by yours truly here […]Read More

SBS Podcast 096

Another special show for ya today on the SBS Podcast!  Artist Marcelo Camela takes on the audio interview for our Covid Relief Project, we’ll play a brand-new cut from his upcoming record, in addition to a whole lineup of tunes that celebrate instrumental awesomeness in a ton of exciting styles for ya!  Featuring music from […]Read More

Turfseer – “The Ballad Of Typhoid Mary”

Turfseer – “The Ballad Of Typhoid Mary” – Single Review Another interesting dive into the battle between perception versus reality by the ol’ Turfseer here… At its core, with the new single “The Ballad Of Typhoid Mary” being so close thematically to the recent release of “The Virus Is My God,” you have to somewhat […]Read More

Forest Robots – After Geography

Forest Robots – After Geography – Album Review Forest Robots…aka, as reliable of a source of fantastic Ambient music as one could ever hope to find. I’ve had the privilege of being able to spend a bit more time with this record than I get to with most.  Call it the added benefit of being […]Read More

Five K – “The Cycle Freestyle”

Sincerity & passion make such a difference when it comes to the music we listen to – artist Five K’s got plenty of both and he’ll put that on display in the thoughts & emotions you’ll hear him spillin’ into the mic on “The Cycle Freestyle.”  Gifted with the ability to say exactly what’s on […]Read More

Howard Louis – “Isolation Nation”

Howard Louis – “Isolation Nation” – Single Review Believe it or not, it was actually right around this time of year in 2019 that we last reviewed the music of Howard Louis, when he released his record of cover songs – specifically Tom Waits cover songs – on the Waits. EP.  And I’d recommend ya […]Read More

Marcelo Camela – The Beautiful Story

Marcelo Camela – The Beautiful Story – Album Review Fun fact…it’ll be five years since I started listening to the music of Marcelo Camela as of this October.  Quite willingly I might add…it’s been a complete pleasure to witness his growth as an artist over the years; he’s always been an incredible musician from the […]Read More

Rhythm Affair – “This Livens Up The Day”

If there’s one thing to be concluded about the music of Rhythm Affair after experiencing previous singles like “Boulder Highway Hooker” & “Her Grave” – and you factor in the gritty theme, inspiration, and subject of the new single “This Livens Up The Day” – it’s that this band is certainly willing to reach further […]Read More

SBS Podcast 095

Come get some! We’ve got a special show for ya today on the ol’ SBS Podcast!  Artist Damien Q takes on the audio interview for our Covid Relief Project, we’ve got an exclusive live tune from the man to go with his all-inclusive attitude, tunes from Acharya, Little Ghost, Salmon Friends, Annie DiRusso, Matthew Morgan, […]Read More

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