Jeff Russell JSwole – “Again”

 Jeff Russell JSwole – “Again”

It’s been a minute fam…

While that’s certainly true – we last featured artist Jeff Russell JSwole here on our pages back in 2018 – he also proves it’s all worth the waiting with the powerful bounce & inspired sound of his brand-new 2020 single “Again.”  If you can somehow resist the bass-line grooves to be found here, you’re built of pure stone – the wild mix of old-school respect for the roots of real Hip-Hop & vibrantly fresh hooks that can’t be ignored in both the music & what’s comin’ atcha from the m-i-c – Jeff Russell JSwole definitely sounds stoked to return to the scene where he belongs “Again.”  With a stylistic & slick new video to support his stylized sound – the man brings it to the bars with intensity, charisma, and a super-charged beat to back up his every word – check out the latest from Jeff Russell JSwole below!

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