Month: <span>June 2020</span>

The Prof.Fuzz 63 – “Owls”

The Prof.Fuzz 63 – “Owls” – Single Review Finally!  A legitimate answer to a question I grew up with on television throughout my youth… Question:  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Answer:  “That owl’s an asshole.” Sure…that’s a bit ‘meta’ as the kids would say…maybe you […]Read More

Red Barnett – “Astronaut”

For you dreamers out there… Iceland-based, award-winning band Red Barnett has released the brand-new single/video for “Astronaut” from their upcoming album Astronauts due out this fall – and if you’ve ever wondered while looking up at the sky if there’s someone or something looking back at you at the same time, you’ll absolutely love what […]Read More

Manelik – F.L.Y.

Manelik – F.L.Y. – EP Review I’m interested! Something about the title-track/opening song on the new Manelik EP that genuinely reminded me a lot of the music I love that bubbles below the surface of the mainstream.  Moody, atmospheric, melodic tunes…songs that weren’t necessarily hits by any definition, but classics all the same; Manelik sounds […]Read More

Uniqueness – “Omnipotent Resolution”

Art & music combined you say?  Uniqueness…you know exactly how to get our attention here. Have a look & listen to what Azia & Heiress have got goin’ on in the new single/video for “Omnipotent Resolution” – it’s actually a short film/song that comes from their new record called As You Listen Ephphatha.  Conceptually, you […]Read More

0221 – Vaultry (Live @ The Biltmore 2017) Album II

Check out some additional shots from the west coast of Canada on one of the first stops from Vaultry’s 2017 tour at Vancouver’s Biltmore Cabaret, shortly before they made their way out east that same summer, all the way to where we’re at now in Ontario.  Vaultry disbanded shortly after the tour was over, but […]Read More

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