Month: <span>May 2020</span>

Tru Heru – “Set A Fire”

As promised on the last episode of the SBS Podcast when we spun Tru Heru’s single “Set A Fire” for ya – we’re back here on our pages to make sure you get the opportunity to peep the cinematic experience he’s created for the video to support this slow-burning jam.  Bursting with tons of soul […]Read More

Magazine Gap – What’s That About?

Magazine Gap – What’s That About? – Album Review Joyner Lucas actually said it best this year.  “I lay a brick at a time for somethin’ I know I can build.” And to be fair, he’s actually referencing an inspirational quote from Will Smith…the point is that it’s accurate, and it inadvertently describes the journey […]Read More

David Stephenson – Grace (The Quarantine Sessions)

David Stephenson – Grace (The Quarantine Sessions) – Album Review …David Stephenson…David Stephenson… …I’m just trying to place the name here…sounds familiar… Right!  It could be from the several times I’ve reviewed his music here in the past over the years and the multiple times I’ve played his tunes on the SBS Podcast – it’s […]Read More

Madame Z – Down The Rabbit Hole

Madame Z – Down The Rabbit Hole – Album Preview Don’t go expecting me to give it all away here today…but I’m excited about this new record by Madame Z and I’ll be damned if I ain’t gonna leak some details on what’s to come when this album gets released. Down The Rabbit Hole you […]Read More

Turfseer – “The Virus Is My God”

Turfseer – “The Virus Is My God” – Single Review You gotta love it.  In a time where we’re all collectively looking for answers, Turfseer arrives to make sure you’re asking more questions.  “The Virus Is My God” – a polarizing tune for polarized times. What I think a ton of people out there will […]Read More

SBS Podcast 093

One last episode for ya in May to dig on before the summer officially kicks into full gear, stocked & loaded with killer cuts from Neon Radiation, LoFi Chill, Duhon, Voluptas Mors, Will Dee, Xavier Toscano, and TheKunig – plus we’ll be talking about what’s happenin’ & what’s up with artists Tru Heru and TheKidTally […]Read More

Marauri – “Count Me”

…hey wait a second… …if Marauri has both hands on all those hundred dollar bills…then who the heck is driving the whip? I might not have the answer to that, but one thing I do know is you better count this lady IN when it comes makin’ moves & music this year.  Marauri has been […]Read More

George Hierro – Speedbumps EP

Official Press Release George Hierro Makes Spectacular Summer 2020 Debut – Speedbumps EP Out June 12th! The insatiably smooth sound and striking balance in the harmony of the hybrid style of George Hierro is a genuine reflection of his remarkable passion and the true respect he has for the art of making music.  He grew […]Read More

Coma Girl – “La Distancia”

Coma Girl – “La Distancia” – Single Review I mean… …it’d be pretty tough to have grown up in the 90s & savaging CD stores throughout the 2000s and not come out with a highly favorable opinion of Coma Girl’s single “La Distancia” – I’m all over this cut! If I had to pick some […]Read More

TheKidTally, Willy, and NMG – “It’s A Bad Time”

“I make music for anybody trying to do better or be better.” That’s a quote comin’ from TheKidTally direct – and hellz yeah, you KNOW we’ve got love & respect for sentiment like that here at sleepingbagstudios.  Plus…I mean c’mon now…if you’re reading this mission statement correctly…then chances are, you fit into that category of […]Read More