Tru Heru – “Set A Fire”

 Tru Heru – “Set A Fire”

As promised on the last episode of the SBS Podcast when we spun Tru Heru’s single “Set A Fire” for ya – we’re back here on our pages to make sure you get the opportunity to peep the cinematic experience he’s created for the video to support this slow-burning jam.  Bursting with tons of soul and a highly relevant sound for the right here & now – if you check the date stamped onto the release of “Set A Fire” you’ll see this artist has been light-years ahead of the rest of the scene, waitin’ on the rest to catch up.

Props to the man on the m-i-c – Tru Heru’s got a genuinely slick & stylistic sound that is as intense & gripping as it is entertaining – and the same could be said about the video on a visual level.  From the wild colorizations, to the brilliant shots & editing of the storyline in the video, to the scenes of the main star of the show engulfed in flames as continues to turn the heat up and “Set A Fire” from your screens to your speakers – you gotta recognize the dedication, commitment, skill, and passion that goes into everything you see & hear.  You’ve heard the expression where someone we love ‘sets our soul on fire’ at some point in life I’m sure – but just wait til you see that turn of phrase come to life in this video; Tru Heru literally bursts into flames around the three-minute mark, and visually…it is 100% rad AF to watch.

So…you’ve checked it out for yourself now…you’ve been responsible, you’ve pushed play, and now your own eyes & ears have experienced Tru Heru and his X-factor in action.  To myself personally, hearing and seeing the focus on display in both the song & video respectively was like witnessing a mission truly accomplished.  Ain’t no doubt that Tru Heru achieved exactly what he set out to do with “Set A Fire” – he’s created a smoldering soulful modern-day R&B sound and combined it perfectly with a sensual video that completely suits the entire vibe…and c’mon now y’all…you KNOW that’s what you want in a single.

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