Marauri – “Count Me”

 Marauri – “Count Me”

…hey wait a second…

…if Marauri has both hands on all those hundred dollar bills…then who the heck is driving the whip?

I might not have the answer to that, but one thing I do know is you better count this lady IN when it comes makin’ moves & music this year.  Marauri has been breaking out in 2020 with singles being released onto the net for y’all to enjoy…she put out the single “Feelings” about a week ago when she posted up the audio for “Count Me” as well – and now she’s already racking up thousands of views on the brand-new video supporting her latest cut since it dropped online less than seven days back.  Safe to say people out there are picking up on the vibes Marauri is laying down – check out “Count Me” below!

While this young sensation is still clearly gettin’ started into her career – you can hear in her lyrics/the core message of “Count Me” that Marauri has already learned quite a few of life’s greatest lessons and has the drive & determination to keep pushing herself & her music forward.  People might have counted her out long before she even got started in the game – but look at her now!  Singles comin’ out, starring in her own videos – she’s livin’ the life!  I don’t know about all the haters from back in the day, but I’d be willing to bet that most of them are still sittin’ on their asses & doin’ nothing but the 9-5 – and I think that Marauri deserves a serious shout-out for not just wanting more for herself, but truly going after it.

Directed by Marauri, shot in the beautiful sunshine of Miami, Florida, and edited by experts Tyler Dean & Basa at 2thouwow – “Count Me” is officially out, available, and set to add the heat to your summer.  Remember the name y’all – that’s Marauri like Ferrari yo – she’s arrived & she’s ready to take over the charts & playlists this year on her way to the top.  And from the sounds of things…ain’t no stoppin’ her.

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