Month: <span>May 2020</span>

Echoglass – “Little House”

Echoglass – “Little House” – Single Review “Little house right by the water…” If you’re not singing that opening line from the new Echoglass single “Little House” around your own abode after hearing this song, you’re listening to it sideways. It’s not every time, but every so often it happens…sometimes you hear that perfect fit…that […]Read More

Adam Naylor – Stories Of Another Time

Adam Naylor – Stories Of Another Time – Album Review “I’m hiding in my fiction department and I’ll make you believe…” I have to admit, even though I probably gleaned a whole different meaning out of that line than perhaps is intended…I enjoyed my own interpretation of what Adam Naylor was singing about on the […]Read More

Sand – A Handful Of Sand

Sand – A Handful Of Sand – Album Review I tell ya folks, I might not know a whole bunch about life in general, but I was definitely raised in a household that held the music of bands like ELP and Yes in massively high esteem…and I practically went to sleep on many nights and/or […]Read More

King Blueprint – “I Don’t Need No”

Sometimes to spread a lil’ positivity in this world you need to take a few thangs away – you feel me? King Blueprint gets it.  He’ll take you on a whole journey and list of things he can easily live without on his new single “I Don’t Need No.”  A faith-based Rap/Hip-Hop artist on a […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies Volume 2

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies Volume 2 – EP Review This guy’s always gonna get an A for his effort from me. There’s a real beauty in the creative process when you can see it take hold, and Glenn has certainly tapped into that big-time over these past couple years or so as he’s revamped […]Read More

Ception Of Ty – “Brother Gabriel”

Incredible.  Purely incredible. I’m almost at a complete loss for words when it comes to the music of Ception Of Ty, despite how much I’ve already written about them here in the past & will likely again write today here in talking about their single “Brother Gabriel,” the third single released prior to the release […]Read More

Will Dee – Ghosts

Will Dee – Ghosts – Album Review Hey right on.  Sometimes you can tell right from the drop you’re gonna be in for a solid experience – and if it’s my ears you’re asking, I’d tell ya that you can immediately hear Will’s onto something unique from the very moment “Outside” starts up his new […]Read More

Jayleen Stonehouse

SBS Covid Relief Interview with Jayleen Stonehouse SBS:  Let’s make sure we’ve got everyone on the same page – who are ya?  How long have you been doin’ this music thang and what’s the story behind it all?  What separates you apart from the rest? Jayleen Stonehouse:  I have been performing professionally for 43 years, […]Read More

Andreas S. Möhle – “America” Featuring Syauu

Teaming up with singer Syauu for a sweet collaboration on the single “America,” artist Andreas S. Möhle creates an emotionally expressive song that’s full of hope, dreams, and the ultimate reminder that home is where the heart lives.  In this particular instance, the setting is “America” – the land of promise; and you’ll hear beautifully […]Read More

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