Month: <span>June 2019</span>

Gone Fishin’

It’s that time of year folks…that rare moment where I take a second or two to recharge and take a quick break for a vacation (of sorts).  Heading back home to Vancouver…gonna catch me a good ol’ concert on the island and watch Aztec take over the Copper Owl – feel free to join in […]Read More

Stephon Foster – BEWARE

Stephon Foster – BEWARE – Album Review So!  Let’s say this to start – congratulations to Stephon Foster! For those of you out there that have been following along with her journey towards her new album BEWARE by reading about it here on our pages or hearing about it on the SBS Podcast – you […]Read More

SBS Podcast 072

Taking you from one side of the musical universe to the other – we got a double-episode special for ya, loaded with tunes & inspiration you KNOW you want, need, and crave for the upcoming summer.  Brand-new music in the mix from School Friends, Justin Llamas, and Mystah Spaulding featuring Grim Singmuf & SK The […]Read More

Pocket Flash Mafia – “King Solomon” Featuring Adi Kora

Add some colorful sound & wildly friendly vibes to your speakers today – check out the fresh energy that Pocket Flash Mafia & Adi Kora create for ya with the highly vibrant new single “King Solomon!”  With a spectacular blend of everything from Rap to Reggae, Afro-beat to Pop – this collaboration sparkles & shines […]Read More

Andy Michaels – Incendiary Heart

Andy Michaels – Incendiary Heart – Album Review Right from the drop with the ukulele led melody that opens up his new record with such notably charming sound, you can tell that Andy Michaels is gonna make a strong return in 2019 with his latest record, Incendiary Heart.  “Darling It Hurts Unplugged” keeps it simple […]Read More

Rob Georg – “Ghost” / “Time For Some Ink”

Rob Georg – “Ghost” / “Time For Some Ink” – Singles Review Really digging the spirit & attitude of this cowboy behind the scenes.  For what it’s worth, he beats the odds for me personally too, and makes a brand of Country music I’m more than willing to listen to – a bit of that […]Read More

Chaney The Gyft – “Eagle Muzik Intro”

Middle fingers up y’all – refuse to Monday and keep that music turned-up where it belongs like it’s still the weekend! An emcee that’s always got somethin’ to say to ya, Chaney The Gyft returns to our pages with a brand-new cut in time for your summer – he’s just dropped the “Eagle Muzik Intro” […]Read More

P John Livingston – YouTube Singles

P John Livingston – Singles Review “THANTHAANAI THUTHIPPOAMAE” was the first track I had the opportunity to check out from the John P Livingston Piano Classics channel he’s got goin’ on at YouTube – and you gotta admit, female lead vocals from his wife come out wonderfully clear, bold, & strong for being completely natural […]Read More

TheKunig – “Lakeland Plaza”

Absolutely lovin’ it!  Awesome to have TheKunig back in action this year, the shimmering & soulful sounds of “Lakeland Plaza” are wonderful from beginning to end.  The kind of single that definitely reminds us it’s been far too long since we’ve had this incredible project on our pages here, which was back in 2016 when […]Read More

Obe In Space – “The Deep End”

Obe In Space – “The Deep End” – Single Review What I’ve always admired about every genre of the independent music-scene, especially over these past years here at sleepingbagstudios, is the level of honesty that comes along with the music I hear.  That doesn’t always mean writing about something that’s based on experience or something […]Read More