Month: <span>June 2019</span>

DeepC Divers – “My Luv”

DeepC Divers – “My Luv” – Single Review Here’s one of the easier singles to slide right into this year…DeepC Divers have got themselves a solid & smooth mix of cool & chill movement & melody happenin’ on their latest cut called “My Luv.”  I mean c’mon people…once you hear how the bass, guitars, and […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 114

One of the best & wildest times we were ever lucky enough to have back in the ol’ SBS lair from our days in British Columbia – Blackout Lights invaded the studio in 2013, cranked up the distortion, and proceeded to shred the place with a killer set of Alt/Grunge tunes. And keep in mind […]Read More

Awakening – “I’m Awake” Featuring Charlotte

Awakening – “I’m Awake” Featuring Charlotte – Music Video Release/Review Pleasant & inviting vibes flowing throughout Awakening’s lead-single “I’m Awake” from the upcoming EP called Changing (life), rumored to be coming out real soon – this is a quaint & laidback tune with a lot of style & sweetness working in its favor.  Professionally written […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Existential Chambers Volume 2

Glenn Murawski – Existential Chambers Volume 2 – Album Review If his online discography didn’t prove it to you already with the steady stream of SEVEN records released online in 2019 alone, Glenn’s own words would make it clear:  “This year in general has been my most productive music-wise, bar none.”  From the looks & […]Read More

Rockie Brown – “Hero”

Rockie Brown – “Hero” – Single Review It was just last month that I discovered what a fan of Rockie Brown I am through the release of her absolutely wild single “Get Gone” in May.  100% savage on the mic, she tore up our speakers with confidence and an authentic attitude that left a lasting […]Read More


Azwel Interview SBS:  Alrighty…welcome Azwel!  Many thanks for your time – I’m stoked to talk to ya!  I’ve been checking out the new record & things I can find out online…and I’ve got a ton of questions about just about everything.  Before we officially get cracking into it all…I always want to make sure everyone […]Read More

Gentry Fox – Project Alpha

Gentry Fox – Project Alpha – Album Review Been more than a minute since we last had this homie on our pages – welcome BACK Gentry Fox – yo! He’s got a brand-new record he’s callin’ Project Alpha…a lil’ somethin’ he’s described as “a 6-month journey into the mind of a tortured craftsman as he […]Read More

Neon Radiation – “Intoxicated”

Neon Radiation – “Intoxicated” – Single Review By far & away one of the most hotly debated issues of our 2018 at SBS was over whether or not a five-song EP with one tune in several variations could, should, or would end up on our top-ten list at the end of last year.  The strength […]Read More

The Gangsta Rabbi – Excerpts La Symphonie Thrashe Du Professeur

The Gangsta Rabbi – Excerpts La Symphonie Thrashe Du Professeur Juif Rebele – Album Review It practically wouldn’t even count as a year here at SBS with The Gangsta Rabbi popping up at some point…I never exactly know when…but I’ve definitely learned to expect that, sooner or later, he’ll be back with another extremely massive […]Read More

N0va – The Essentials

N0va – The Essentials – Album Review And here I thought N0va was old-school…suppose I’m old enough to remember when a remix was actually a remix.  You know…that thing where it was still basically a part of the same song, cut-up & redone, reassembled into a different composition, but still retaining the essence of what […]Read More

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