Gone Fishin’

 Gone Fishin’

It’s that time of year folks…that rare moment where I take a second or two to recharge and take a quick break for a vacation (of sorts).  Heading back home to Vancouver…gonna catch me a good ol’ concert on the island and watch Aztec take over the Copper Owl – feel free to join in the fun!  Stoked to see the show.  Plus all the friends & family & whatnot…got a brand-new niece to meet, which is gonna be super rad.  Won’t be gone long – I never am…and you know I’ll be listening to all kinds of stuff while I’m away – already looking forward to returning & I haven’t even left Ottawa yet!  I’ll be back before the very end of the month & ready to rock – then jetting out for a quick couple days in mid July to check out the legendary lineup happening at the Roxodus festival this year.

Back before ya know it!  Cheers to you all – enjoy the beginnings of summer 2019!



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