Month: <span>June 2019</span>

BIG KIDD – Singles

BIG KIDD – Singles Review Without a doubt one of my favorite rappers from the land down under…but I highly suspect as well that if I was to sit down & examine a whole list of my favorites from all over the globe, I’d still find BIG KIDD’s name in bold somewhere up there at […]Read More

Justin Llamas – Party On The Outside

Justin Llamas – Party On The Outside – EP Review Can’t fool me brother…might be a Party On The Outside for sensational singer/songwriter Justin Llamas when it comes to this new EP he’s got goin’ on – but he’s also been up on my personal Facebook page since our paths first crossed back in May […]Read More

Luxe LeBlanc – Intergalactic & Reckless

Luxe LeBlanc – Intergalactic & Reckless – EP Review I mean…if you’re REALLY gonna bring it to another level these days, you gotta start looking beyond Earth apparently now!  Luxe LeBlanc gets it, he’s goin’ fully Intergalactic & Reckless on his brand-new 2019 EP. The first thing that caught my attention on the title-track “Intergalactic […]Read More

Sensitive Robot – “This Lonely Place”

It’s probably a good thing that I’m here to post up the new Sensitive Robot video quickly for you all in the ol’ special reports section of our page & not doing a full-on review this time around, or there’s a significant chance we’d be here all day long reading about this incredible new single […]Read More

Howard Louis – Waits.

Howard Louis – Waits. – EP Review Well now…here’s a fun little oddity you might not have expected from singer/songwriter Howard Louis.  We’ve talked a lot about artists branching-out this year…especially in this past week alone – and you can definitely tack Louis onto the list we’ve been working on with this latest EP, where […]Read More

Luanne Hunt – “The Night He Came To Town”

Luanne Hunt – “The Night He Came To Town” – Single Review Awesome to hear some artists we know stepping out of their normal lanes and into new ones this year.  Consider the golden-vocal of Luanne Hunt a part of that esteemed crowd of artists challenging themselves in new directions in 2019 – we know […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Escapade”

Been really digging my experiences in listening to Ltronnika’s music this year…each of these singles I’ve experienced from “One Fine Day” at the end of May to this new one called “Escapade” here now, all seem to bring a seriously fun and vibrant freshness to the electro-genre that’s incredibly accessible.  To the point where it’s […]Read More

Neon Radiation – “Waiting”

Neon Radiation – “Waiting” – Single Review Neon Radiation is always welcome in these speakers of ours.  Been awesome to have’em back in action and thriving again in 2019 with a whole bunch of brand-new tunes for us – the first of which, called “Intoxicated,” we just reviewed a few days or so ago with […]Read More

Sprout The Anti-Hero – Procurement

Sprout The Anti-Hero – Procurement – EP Review Wait a minute…got the wrong record on my playlist…hang on… …hmmm…alright…I…uh…umm…hmmm… Apparently I don’t!  This is indeed the same Sprout The Anti-Hero we know & love from the band Screaming Red Mutiny…only chances are, you might not recognize him from this solo-effort on his Procurement EP!  I’ll […]Read More

Brannon – “I Die Again”

Brannon – “I Die Again” – Single Review Alrighty…so…kind of a strange cut to review in a way. Technically, according to the notes I’ve got here, “I Die Again” dates back about thirteen years…according to Brannon himself, it was the second song he’d written & was proud of…and yet somehow…well…I suppose it sat on the […]Read More

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