Chaney The Gyft – “Eagle Muzik Intro”

 Chaney The Gyft – “Eagle Muzik Intro”

Middle fingers up y’all – refuse to Monday and keep that music turned-up where it belongs like it’s still the weekend!

An emcee that’s always got somethin’ to say to ya, Chaney The Gyft returns to our pages with a brand-new cut in time for your summer – he’s just dropped the “Eagle Muzik Intro” online & via video at the end of May this year, sounding like he’s fully hittin’ his stride on the m-i-c and in his prime right now for sure.  He takes his flow seriously – and the amount of work this dude puts into his material ends up being reflected through a wildly high-quality end product that’s designed to bring it to your speakers.  Flexing finesse on the bars, weaving pop-culture references & knowledge-bombs along the way, dropping insightful lines, rhythmic & fluid lyricism, and verbal entertainment from your lefts to rights – Chaney The Gyft has the good-good on the mic that makes a difference.  You can hear that he’s feelin’ the vibe surrounding him on the “Eagle Muzik Intro” – and when he turns up the style or speed, it’s got the kind of spark you’ll notice.  Chaney’s got a genuine Gyft with his words that greatly assists in setting him apart from the rest out there, and the confidence & skills to spit it with the right precision & pace to back it all up…awesome to see & hear this Hip-Hop mogul making such massive moves with his music in 2019.  Make sure you’ve checked out his previous single “Black Power” posted up here at the homepage – and definitely make some time right now for his latest and have a look & listen to the brand-new cut “Eagle Muzik Intro” below yo!

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