Pocket Flash Mafia – “King Solomon” Featuring Adi Kora

 Pocket Flash Mafia – “King Solomon” Featuring Adi Kora

Add some colorful sound & wildly friendly vibes to your speakers today – check out the fresh energy that Pocket Flash Mafia & Adi Kora create for ya with the highly vibrant new single “King Solomon!”  With a spectacular blend of everything from Rap to Reggae, Afro-beat to Pop – this collaboration sparkles & shines with a beautifully expressive & diverse sound that’s relentlessly enticing & inviting to listen to.  Featuring sounds that bounce from the lefts to the rights, produced expertly by Shon Browning of Pocket Flash Mafia and putting legendary guest-star Adi Kora right into the spotlight where he belongs, together the combine for all-out fun and undeniable entertainment.  Awesome hooks in the music of “King Solomon” that have tons of uplifting energy and welcoming, warm sound – the vocals have stunning charisma & character – this single’s got all-angles covered and it’s here just in time for summer!  Out & available online now – make sure to get yourself a copy of the latest single from Pocket Flash Mafia & Adi Kora – and check out the brand-new lyric video supporting it below!

Find the new single “King Solomon” by Pocket Flash Mafia featuring Adi Kora right here:


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