Month: <span>June 2019</span>

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love”

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love” – Single Review Alright…I think this is what I was needing from Ranzel X Kendrick…a lil’ confirmation that I wasn’t completely crazy the last time around when reviewing his single “Seguin Son Of A Gun” from his Texas Cactus album.  I dug the song…but I’ll be damned if I […]Read More

Joel – “Waters Of Pain”

Joel – “Waters Of Pain” – Music Video Release/Review “Dedicated to anyone out there going through a tough time.  Keep on pushing and things will look up again soon.”  Those words come directly from the official post from Slacktide Records recording-artist Joel, right where you’ll find his new single “Waters Of Pain” at YouTube.  According […]Read More

Empire Of Gold – The Devil Is In The Details

Empire Of Gold – The Devil Is In The Details – Album Review Been a minute or two at the very least since we last had Empire Of Gold up here on our pages!  In fact…the timeline goes all the way back to mid-2015 believe it or not…man time sure flies here.  Gave’em a spin […]Read More

SBS Podcast 071

A whole set-list of tunes that could rival anything the mainstream could supply ya with easily – the independent music-scene is alive & thrivin’ on our latest episode! Check out new cuts from Woodfish, CHX Collective, and Phantom Phunk + classic tracks from EMPRA, Acres Of Lions, School Friends, and Red Martian – AND…we’ll crack […]Read More

308 GHOST TRAIN – “21 Guns And A Million Tears”

308 GHOST TRAIN – “21 Guns And A Million Tears” – Single Review The classic Rock vibes and sound inside of 308 GHOST TRAIN’s new single “21 Guns And A Million Tears” are definitely ones the band comes by honestly.  If you check out the list of influences you’ll find legendary songwriters like John Fogerty […]Read More

Wav-Legion – Live YouTube Singles

Wav-Legion – Singles Review This is too much fun! I started my experience with Wav-Legion reading about how a skilled Canadian from my own home province of BC named wav-Dr. joined forces with a talented lady from California by the name of Bonnie Legion…and of course, as always, I clicked play on some of the […]Read More

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