Vaughn Bannister – “Aquarius Love”

 Vaughn Bannister – “Aquarius Love”


Props to this man right here – Vaughn Bannister takes on every role in his latest single/video for “Aquarius Love” – and you get to watch the magic happen right there onscreen from every angle.  For real – this is impressive stuff – Bannister’s clearly a jack of all trades and holds his own on the drums, bass, guitar, keys, violin, and vocals – proving that the passion of one artist can easily bring the same amount of instrumentation & entertainment as an entire band ever could.  From the soulful singing to rapping, to the smooth sounds & complex transitions in the music – Vaughn visually and audibly displays just how much of his head & heart are in the game on “Aquarius Love” and how capable he is as a musical army-of-one.  Comfortably in his lair with all the right tools & toys at his disposal – Bannister’s got a full setup that would make most artists/bands/producers jealous & has everything he needs to make the music he wants to make, exactly as he wants to make it.  He flexes that creative control and embraces it as he adds each instrument & layer of emotion into the mix…definitely a versatile artist with a whole range of talent, potential, and possibilities for where his skills, music, and career could take him.

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